Julie six months ago, a rich man derailed Pitt anger is difficult to start – people Hainan wi aspack

Julie half a year ago derailed a rich   Peter difficult or anger before it — people.com.cn Hainan window – people.com.cn Peter Julie former loving photos according to Taiwan media reports, Hollywood couple Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt), Angelina Julie (Angelina Jolie) confirmed the divorce, but also obtain custody of 6 children from the woman, but has 2 people for divorce, not to explain, so triggered speculation that the truth behind the divorce. However, before it came, Julie did not divorce before, had to catch a married rich, so that the outside world was very surprised. The news that Brad Pitt is found Julie and the rich things, on the plane will be furious and drunk. Broke the news sources said, he began to hear Julie confessed to him when the matter, shocked how do not know how to react, it will not be able to suppress anger." However, according to the "Gossip Cop" report, a news source came forward to refute the rumors, saying, "Julie and the small cloth of the marriage, and there is no any third, the so-called ‘mysterious rich’ is also fictional." (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: