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Writing-and-Speaking IP Camera is widely used now to protect the security of family, market, office or factory. It take advantages of new hi-tech with the character of mini size and high credible. In this network and digital world, it lives up to pursue of modern people and simplifies the installation. In order to make it work more effectively for you, lets check what affects Ip camera effects. All video are captured by lens, so the quality of lens is definitely affects video effects. Although lens in market is various, lens of IP camera is similar. What we should pay attention is the influence of the focal distance. That means youd better take it into consideration that whether it can replace lens model or not when you want to select one. Some camera is of the function of digital zoom. This function can amplify the video image but cannot change the definition. Therefore, it is of little value. Moreover, video .pression format is the most key factor because it decides the definition, fluency and storage capacity directly. But this factor is also ignored by salesman. The current mark mainly appears two kinds that are H. 264 and MPEG 4. By contrast, H. 264 is better for its strong ability of .pression and low consumption and it is more definite and fluent. So, H.264 is used more widely. In addition, image sensor is also a key feature. CMOS and CCD are two popular kinds on current market. With the same pixel, the transparency, sensitivity and color rendition of CCD is better than CMOS. But the image aesthetic effect of CMOS is better. As to definition and reality which are very important to IP video camera , CDD is much better. Image format is also an important factor. Different image owns different image format and the size of image file is different. If with different image format, the pros and cons of IP camera cannot be measured the hard drive capacity. Besides, frame rate is also important. As is known to us all that any video is made up of continuous pictures. A picture is a frame. If a second long video consists of 25 pictures, the frame rate is 25 fps. Under PAL, 25 fps can show the action vividly. If the frame rate is lower than 25 fps, the video will not be so coherent. Except the above five factors, dual stream, front storage and software function are also important. Dural stream can make sure the video fluency on effective network. The front storage is means the SD card slot and USB interface. It helps to storage the recording video to assist the monitor. And the software is used to manage video files. Therefore, whether it is good or not should not be ignored. All in all, video .pression format, lens, image sensor, image format and frame rate should be take into the first consideration. As to other factors, you need to start form the actual situations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: