Labor service company deputy general misappropriation of 4050 personnel salary of more than 260 jail ajviewer

Labor service company deputy general misappropriation of "4050" personnel salary of more than 260 jailed – Beijing countries in order to encourage "4050" employment, given special support policies, given the social insurance subsidies and job subsidies to recruit "post social welfare 4050 personnel, these subsidies are borne by the government. However, as the deputy general manager of the company’s services, Zhang has used her to "4050" personnel wages power, misappropriation of "4050" personnel wages more than 266 yuan. It is understood that, in January 8, 2008, Zhang hired to become a Hefei Street office staff. May 26, 2010, Zhang was appointed as a deputy director of the city of Labor Services Co., Ltd., is mainly responsible for the company employed 4050 staff to fight the bank card payment and other related work. Since February 2011, Zhang found that the company issued 4050 staff wages in the presence of regulatory loopholes, he wanted to make some money out of it for their own spending. Zhang first name of the unpaid labor dispatch cost, convenient transfer and other social security fraud, xiaomou 8 "4050" people trust, will issue a bank card and password wages available to him. Then he took advantage of his position, will be approved by street leaders signed the real wage form to accounting accounts retained after making a false payroll table. In the false payroll table, Zhang will be "4050" other personnel shall pay the amount per capita decreased tens of dollars, and will reduce the amount of added to xiaomou etc. 8 "4050" staff name. Then, Zhang false payroll table to the bank by the bank in accordance with the false payroll table issued "4050" staff wages, causing the bank under the false salary scales to xiaomou 8 people pay card in wages by Zhang to occupy and use the actual control. After seeing the money to the account, Zhang took out the money from the ATM machine to use their own, but also the real wage payment report submitted to the District People Club bureau. The audit and verification, from October 2011 to April 2015, Zhang used the above method, a total of 266 Wan Yuyuan misappropriation of company, it is understood that his monthly expenses should be forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan. By May 2015, the District People Club bureau to "4050" personnel payroll reconciliation, Zhang initiative to recognize the leadership of corruption in the streets, and returned 2 million 100 thousand yuan in cash. At present, Zhang has been for the crime of corruption, sentenced to 6 years and 6 months, and fined 400 thousand yuan, and 560 thousand yuan to recover the proceeds of crime. (Liu Xiaoping)相关的主题文章: