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Health Sometimes its hard to take them seriously. Theyre lean. They look great. They could bounce quarters off their six-pack abs. Those fitness gurus and personal trainers have a lot to say, but its hard to believe a word of it. How could they possibly know what you need? How could those specimens of ideal health conceivably relate to your struggles with excess weight and your poor fitness habits? Its like dealing with Martians. Those folks are from another planet altogether. They can tell you to do something. They can show you how to do it. They can even explain why you need to do it. Its still hard to make the message stick. You dont really connect with them. Do you feel that way? Many people do. Its natural. We learn better and we find more motivation when we relate to someone. The most effective teachers are those who truly connect with their students. The greatest leaders are the ones people feel like they can understand and with whom they relate. Thats why it can be so hard to reach your fitness goals when youre learning from people who dont understand where you are and how you feel. Thats one of the reasons why The Biggest Loser is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. People see the contestants and they can relate to their situation. They see themselves onscreen, trying to .e to grips with their weight and finding to change their lives. The popularity of The Biggest Loser isnt just about losing weight. Its about real people. The New Year, New You Retreat with the Biggest Losers) is a chance to jump-start your weight loss and fitness efforts by interacting with past Biggest Loser contestants. You wont be listening to workout advice from someone whos always looked like a supermodel. You wont be getting a diet tips from someone whos never managed to eat an entire cheeseburger. Youll talk to people like season nine winner Mike Ventrella. Youll find inspiration in the story of season three winner Erick Chopin. Youll learn from season eight finalist Amanda Arlauskas. Biggest loser are the best teachers. You know they understand the way you feel. They know what its like to face steep odds and to navigate the challenging path to weight loss and a healthier life successfully. When you hear former contestants like Pete Thomas explain how he managed to lose all of those pounds and keep them off, the message will register. The New Year, New You Retreat with the Biggest Losers has everything youd expect from a serious, meaningful retreat. It promises inspiration and guidance in weight loss, weight maintenance and life improvement. Its an opportunity to secure so much powerful information. But its more. This time, the information is going to make sense. The inspiration will last. Youre going to know that its all real and that it can all work for you. The New Year, New Year Retreat with the Biggest Losers can provide whats been missing for so many people–an authentic connection.For more information please visit website to find out more from weight maintenance at BL Productions INC 29350 Southfield Road Suite 31,Southfield, MI 48076 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: