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Reference-and-Education I have attended school and college. I have learned many things and still I am learning. The process of learning is ongoing till the end of life. But the most important lesson that I have learned are not from my school and college. These lessons have come through Britt System created by Bill Britt. Now, I am a life time student of Britt University. Britt System is undoubtedly the most powerful education system in the whole world. It has produced maximum truly successful people in the world. From this amazing system I have learned about self-talk. You know most of the time we talk to ourselves and 90% of these talk is negative! Thank God, at the right time I learned about it. And there’s a book titled "What to Say When You Talk To Yourself" by Shad Helmstetter which was recommended by Britt System. My life and vision has completely changed after knowing about self talk from this book (I am always on the Book of the Month program of Britt System) I only read books recommended by Britt. I wish I read all these powerful books long time ago. I realized that even PhDs and Scientists sometimes do not have a good self-image. And I have seen them following this system very religiously. I am also following it and it is creating wonders for me and my family. Another important lesson I have learned from this system is that there are 3 kinds of life: * Life of Survival * Life of Success * Life of Significance 87% of people in the world live a "life of survival"-these people do not have any goals in life.They just wake up in the morning, brush their teeth, have breakfast, go to work, come back, watch TV or go out to eat and drink.The same routine is followed next day, next week, month and for years and years. 10% of people in the world live a "life of success" – these are the people who started with some goal in their life and achieved something. After sometime they felt that now they are settled in life, they have a big house with all the comforts, and cars for everyone. Hence the ongoing goals are not created. There is always something missing in their life like, happiness, social problems, health barriers etc. Generally they have money but no time for their loved ones. Only 3% people in the world live a "life of significance" – these are the people who because of their life make a difference to other people’s life. For example Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein and such people. Surprisingly these are the people who wrote down their goals in their diary, in their bedrooms and wherever they can see it every day and every time to keep themselves on their toes to work towards their goals! I also learned from Britt that: We have only two choices in life, either think negative or think positive. So why not think only positive and thank God for this wonderful life? And thanks a lot Bill Britt. I admire you, love you, and respect you from the bottom of my heart. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: