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The movie is to return the literary heritage: don’t forget the heart – Sohu culture channel recently, according to the Mao Dun novel of the same name film "corrosion" five steps in Shanghai art hall complete show, the industry caused no small repercussions. This is a series of films directed by director Zheng Dasheng, the writer and the CCTV movie channel, with a total capital of less than 7 million 500 thousand yuan, and the investment of 100 million yuan in the film today, is indeed an alternative". At the same time, some people will be given such a film a meaningful name: "literary heritage film". What is the so-called "literary legacy film" in literary heritage film, which is a literary classic adaptation of the film, it is a literary classics into the film and television media attempt." Movie critic Yu Xin pointed out the concept of the original meaning. In his opinion, this type of film history has long been established, from 30s to 50s "springsilkworm", "song of youth", now is not to be put in Weakness lends wings to rumours. Since the summer of this year, the domestic film market suffered a "winter", last year’s hot moment of financial derivatives, the concept of IP, the movie has failed, the inflated bubble breaking, also triggered a discussion on China film "slow transformation". Re emphasis on literary classics, was born in this context. Commercialization, entertainment, excessive development, so that the film creation often fell below the bottom line, the more the more like the film, a lot of people even the nature of the film had a doubt. Because of the quick shot repeatedly hit the bottom line, but lead to "bottoming out"." Yang Hongtao, an associate professor at Communication University of China, said that the demands of realism have been renewed, which is an important reason for the return of literary classics. However, some people think that the literary heritage film is not accurate formulation. China Film Association Secretary General Rao Shuguang believes that this kind of film is essentially a literary adaptation of the film, the first film, and then the classic reference. "The film is, to a great extent, the art of relying on the audience. Once positioned as’ Heritage ‘, which means that the original is too far away from the audience, it is difficult to obtain the desired results." Indeed, one by the limitations of the original influence, but also because of the difficulty of literary adaptation itself, the domestic literary heritage film from the number and degree of acceptance is not satisfactory. However, in foreign countries, there is another way to adapt to the classics. "Outside the box" enlightenment according to Yu Xin, in the British literary heritage adaptation is very eye-catching performance. Broadcasting British Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "BBC") every year will be part of the British and world literature classics adapted into a TV movie or drama, from Russia’s "war and peace", France’s "Three Musketeers", its "Pride and Prejudice", since 1960s there are some classical works emerge in an endless stream. A version. "The British tradition of classics has great relevance to its cultural soil. Whether it is the horizon of expectations, or market expectations, the heat of literature in Europe is stronger than in many areas. They have been interested in cultivating the audience for the film adaptation of literature, as well as behind the deep cultural awareness, so from the creator, audience and other aspects, are easy to set up for Wen Lin相关的主题文章: