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Low education, poor ability, no contacts, how to enter the big company, low education, or no elite aura, self perception ability is not prominent, for our ordinary people, the big company is really out of reach? And be not so。 A lot of jobs, need is the most appropriate, rather than the "best" employees sometimes have to ‘under the concept of HR is not entirely representative of the candidate for the needs of the department. At the beginning of the year, our department is a marketing assistant class, position, and a new HR not what experience, selected all the graduates resume, not easy to recruit a boy, an old employee brought him one day, he finished the first day of classes will not come and completely not contact…… We don’t charge directly to HR please post this interview to the elite, then finally got a just graduated from a normal two little sister, steadfast, diligent, good character, good attitude, won the public favor, we are very willing to teach her, she is also quite good, fast progress. Suggestion: carefully study the JD, don’t be deterred by the "985211 schools first" words like the (perhaps just HR out of bluffing), not as long as you can do consciously improperly belittle oneself, described responsibilities bold to resume! Two, Quxianjiuguo: within the recommended in some position in a large company, hanging out in the recruitment website is not the real demand is likely to be the recruitment website free space, even recruit people but still hang in there when the right brand advertising, so that your resume will not be too disappointed after no echo the existing staff recommended; can make you more targeted to apply real recruitment positions. Suggestion: if you really want to go to a big company, don’t feel ashamed to mention it, otherwise someone else will not think of you! To be good at obtaining information, good use of the resources provided by others. Three, curve save the nation: some people may not understand labor dispatch labor dispatch and this conflict, in fact, this kind of talent outsourcing is still very common. For businesses, can reduce labor costs, avoid the risk of employment, according to the business needs to flexibly; for candidates, in this way the threshold to a low point, although the salary and welfare maybe with regular employees there is a gap, but endure one or two years during, or pay attention to internal positive places, or gradually after the jump to other better Feng enterprise. Recommendation: some companies specialize in providing service outsourcing services for top 500 enterprises, such as FESCO Adecco, etc., and often have their information posted on the recruitment website, and pay more attention to them if they are interested. Four, curve save the nation: starting from the intern, our company will ask many interns every busy season, work content is very simple, nothing more than copy scanning, sorting materials and so on, the recruitment requirement is to be able to full-time one or two days a week only! In this monotonous and repetitive work, our department has dug out 2 reserve talents in recent years, and turned to be a regular employee after graduation. Suggestion: practice not only for credit or extra income, more observation, more initiative, your efforts, many old union to see in the eyes, a headcount immediately think!

学历低、能力差、没人脉 怎样才能进大公司学历低或者没有名校光环、自我感觉能力也不突出,对于我们这种普普通通的人,大公司就真的遥不可及了吗?并非如此。一、很多岗位需要的是最合适、而非”最优秀”的员工有时不得不吐嘈下,HR的选人理念并不完全代表用人部门的用人需求。年初,我们部门急招一个营销辅助类的职位,而新上任的HR没什么经验,筛选出的简历全都是重本毕业的,好不容易招到一个男孩子,有个老员工带了他一天,结果他上完第一天班就不来了而且完全联系不上了……我们主管直接告知HR不要再请名校生来面试这个岗位了,后来终于招了个普通二本刚毕业的小妹妹,踏踏实实、勤勤恳恳、性格好、态度佳,深得众人欢心,大家都很乐意教她,她也相当争气,进步飞快。建议:认真研究JD,不要被“985 211学校优先”之类的字眼吓倒了(说不定只是HR列出来唬唬人),不要妄自菲薄,只要你自觉能胜任里面描述的工作职责就大胆去投简历吧!二、曲线救国之:内部推荐另外,大公司在招聘网站上挂出来的有些职位不一定是真正需求,极有可能是招聘网站赠送的版面,即使已经招到人了但还是一直挂在那里权当品牌广告,所以发现投简历后石沉大海也不要太失望;而现有员工的推荐能让你更有的放矢地申请真正有招聘需求的职位。建议:如果真的想去大公司,不要自以为不够格而羞于提及,不然别人有内推机会也不会想到你啊!要善于获取信息、善于利用他人提供的资源。三、曲线救国之:劳务派遣有些人可能不大了解劳务派遣而对此产生抵触,其实这种人才外包方式还是很普遍的。对于企业而言,可以降低用工成本、规避用工风险、根据经营需求灵活增减派员;对于应聘者来说,通过这种方式进入的门槛要低一点,虽然薪酬和福利也许跟正式员工会有差距,但忍耐上一两年,期间或留意内部转正名额,或羽翼渐丰后跳去其它更好的企业。建议:有些公司专门为500强企业提供劳务外包服务,像 FESCO Adecco之类,招聘网站上经常有他们发布的信息,感兴趣的话可以多留意下。四、曲线救国之:从实习生做起我们公司每逢旺季都会请很多实习生,工作内容很简单,无非就是复印扫描、整理资料之类,招人要求就是每周能全职一两天而已!就是这样单调重复的工作中,我们部门近几年已经从中挖掘出2个储备人才,一毕业就转成正式员工了。建议:实习不要只为了学分或外快,多观察、多主动,你的努力很多老员工会看在眼里,一有headcount马上就想到推荐你啦!五、曲线救国之:从基层职位做起以前台为例,门槛不算高,一般要求中专毕业、相貌周正、有亲和力就可以了。我有个师姐在某五百强外企,据说有个前台业余一直坚持学习,通过了自考,抓住机会转做marketing,后来还读完了某名校MBA,现在跳去了某领事馆任推广经理,发展得非常好。我们公司的前台也很上进,一直额外协助面试相关工作,去年还去考了人力资源管理师之类,前几周终于如愿以偿成功转做HR。前台中的传奇,她进入阿里时已经30岁了,不懂专业,没有背景,应聘了两次才成功,被安排做行政兼任前台,现在是阿里资深副总裁……(大家可以去网上搜下这位传奇人物的励志故事)建议:处于基层职位,永远不要被动等待,不断提升学历之余,比自己分内的工作多做一点、比别人期待的更多一点,给内部转岗创造更多的机会。六、曲线救国之:小公司同样可以积累经验最近大家讨论了很多大公司的好,不代表小公司就一无是处,各有利弊而已。我有个同学刚毕业就是去了小公司,身兼多职,接触了很多领域,后来选定一个自己最感兴趣的方向深入发展。我们公司也有一些员工是从小公司跳过来的,相当有冲劲,即使是降级跳槽,进来后升迁也很快速。建议:有些人一直呆在小公司,想去大企业但又害怕。其实,永远不变的只有变化,害怕“变化”,只不过是自己想象出来的各种纠结和困难而已。Just Make Bold Choices!相关的主题文章: