Luxemburg shut the knife SMG unable to stop the Swedish victory over Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina clazziquai

Luxemburg: shut the knife SMG unable to block off victory over Sweden and Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina knife [010] Luxemburg SMG Friday VS Sweden game against Bulgaria, Luxemburg lose not surprisingly, but managed to score 3 goals away, people sit up and take notice. The first draw in Holland is significant in Sweden regret, the team’s overall strength is still not. The two teams had no intersection, the strength to occupy the upper hand in Sweden is still optimistic about the Gambling company, the average price of 9.92 5.23 1.29 in Luxemburg lost to Bulgaria, but after the 3 goal has improved, but only slightly, Luxemburg perennial rare win for Bulgaria obviously difficult to break again belongs to the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, the chance to lose when in Sweden, home court reasonable, Sweden at a greater chance of wearing plate, let the ball wins worth behind. [Friday] 015 VS of Belgium Belgium Bosnia was ranked FIFA first, but in the European Cup performance Tuzeng ear jokes, warm up before the start of the qualifying is 0 than 2 defeat to the lineup is not the whole of Spain, but also for their own impression less, even if the first round win in Cyprus, also failed to give enough confidence. The first round of the 5 Bosnian 0 victory over Estonia, showed a good state. The average price of 1.39 4.47 7.41 after the triumph in Belgium away to re-establish confidence in the European red devils, even the black wave score wins also support the home team, Asia chupan directly to a ball ball half deep plate, Belgium is worth promising victory over the period. 16152 any nine preliminary plan: 1, France VS Bulgaria = 312, Luxemburg VS, Holland VS Belarus Sweden = 03 = 315, VS = 39, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Montenegro Kazakhstan VS = 310 VS = 311 Malta, Germany VS Czech, Poland VS = 3112, VS = 3113 in Denmark Scotland Lithuania = 31 on the recommendation please pay attention to close the knife WeChat public number guanxiaoweixin (Guan Xiaodao)相关的主题文章: