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" magic animal " Jin 270 million   " " hardcore fans; Rowling; hold up the film at the box office – the media – people.com.cn original title: hardcore "Harry Potter" prop up the Rowling film at the box office "Harry · Potter" the magic world is back! Even with the handsome young Harry · Potter and his buddies had little relevance, but did not affect the J.K. Rowling film "magical animal" where is sold. Produced by Warner Bros., Rowling’s first screenplay "magical animal" where, over the weekend to 3D, IMAX3D and China IMAX format landed in the mainland, the first weekend is "big harvest". Not only at the box office more than 270 million yuan, and whether the row piece still accounted for attendance in the forefront. The film is also quite good reputation, get 8.2 points in the watercress network score. Goodbye "Harry · Potter" series of fans for five years, again from the film to find a familiar feeling. Although the film side has repeatedly claimed that the magical animals where to open a new world of magic, but it still can not get rid of the Harry ·, the derivative film of the label of "Potter". It is by virtue of this big IP, the first week of the film in the global market for $230 million, in 11 countries and regions to refresh the "Harry ·, the movie universe," the first weekend box office record. Read the "Harry · Potter," people know, "where is the magic of animals" was originally a textbook of the Magic School of the book of the book of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year. Director David Yates said, · pat "Harry · Potter", we still miss the time together, so I planned in a different way to return to the magic world. At first the idea is similar to the documentary form "magical animal where", but David Yates in · after consulting with Rowling, that Rowling’s imagination is far from carrying the documentary. So the two decided to work together to create a new era of magic on the screen, and personally served as screenwriter by Rowling. Rowling served as Screenwriter’s debut, with hundreds of millions of fans as viewing groups, "the magical animal" where is sold, and less surprising, and even can be said to have been a foregone conclusion. In addition to the powerful viewing groups, even in the film a lot of actors are "Harry Potter", the hero of "freckles" Eddie Reid Main is a typical ·. As early as 2002, he participated in the Harry · Potter and the chamber of secrets, the audition, unfortunately, at the scene of the interview only read a line, it was eliminated. This time, Rowling appointed him in zoologist Newt, and found the character most suited to become part of the new development of the magical world of hero. Newt was born in ordinary, introverted, mild social phobia, and the great popularity of Harry Potter from ·. Filming began at the beginning, Rowling has repeatedly said the outside world, "the magical animal where neither the" Harry · "; Potter" series of sequels, nor a prequel, but on the magic)相关的主题文章: