Man riding an electric car hit a red light hit the police also bite the back of the hand

Man riding electric car even ran down the back of the police also bite the original title: man riding electric car even through three red lights knocked down the police also bite back the crazy Yangzi Evening News Network October 9th news (reporter correspondent Sun Yuan Zhang Bin) a man riding electric cars running red lights, traffic police on duty were found to escape punishment, even through 3 red lights, crazy 3 kilometers, knocked down in front of the traffic police traffic police, mouth bite back. Eventually, the man Zhang was sentenced to criminal detention due to obstruction of official duties. September 30, 2016 morning 8 am, Zhang ride to the post box circuit, see around not the car went through a red light. After the intersection of traffic police found signs of its parking, Zhang not only ignored, but also to increase horsepower knocked down traffic police. In order to escape after the traffic police, he continues through 2 red lights, speeding up 3 kilometers, traveling to the workers in front of theaters, was forced to stop the traffic police on duty two. Forced to stop after Zhang emotion, like crazy, U locks out the electric car, went to the police hit the head, is a traffic police control. Then Zhang saw another police grab his raincoat, bow on the dorsum of the hands of police severely bite, bite straight broken skin, bleeding will not relent. Zhang continued to resist, was eventually two police uniforms. Changzhou Bureau of the police station rushed to the scene, Zhang with the review. Currently, Zhang was arrested on suspicion of obstruction of official criminal detention according to law. Editor: Qiao Jinling editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: