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"Marine romance" MV jikejuan escape "Yong" head of Sina entertainment Disney adventure animation "marine romance" in November 25th will be shown in china. The afternoon of November 10th, the film held in Shanghai will meet the media, Walt Disney Animation Studios President Andrew Milstein to join the theme song singer Ji Kejun Yi attended [micro-blog]. Jikejuan escape said has a special resonance of the film, her greatest touch is the heroine of courage, and encourage everyone to live out their own face, color, experience and adventure theme. As Disney Animation Studios produced fifty-sixth animated films, "marine romance" by "crazy animal", "Super City Corps", "frozen" cast sword. According to Andrew Milstein introduction, the film tells the story of the young girl Moana is a nautical adventure, "to save his Islanders, Moana must leave the safety of home, and this is her own exploration of the journey. Only when the Mo Ahna find their true inner strength to overcome difficulties, she set foot on the journey to find themselves, come to know what you can do, wherever you go, these things are completely beyond imagination before her, she found that she can do things, can go to the place completely beyond their imagination." However, the film also has a very unique role – the ocean. Andrew Milstein said that the technical team and creative use of innovative technology, and constantly explore the most realistic way to show the effect of the entire ocean. "My team has learned a lot from the culture of the Oceania region. In their eyes, the water is alive, the sea is alive, and the water makes it possible for us to be together. So in the movie, the water is alive, it leads Moana to explore the unknown world." The conference for the first time exposure of the film Chinese theme song "Haiyangzhixin" singer MV, jikejuan escape a cappella scene theme song fragments. Jikejuan escape has a resonance, to the song she said: "when I sing the song of the heart is also very exciting, because the whole story line which gives me the most moving is courage. Like myself, along the way can not rely on the face can not rely on the body, only rely on the hearts of this brave words, like Mo Ahna." When it comes to the lyrics "I have my own face, jikejuan escape is feeling," a lot of people say that I really have their own face, exclusive color, so I must have his own unique strength, whether in the past, present and future, for this a stubborn courage not afraid of the dark rush, through their own adventure." (Tan Tanwen) (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: