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[material sports]07 recommended: France undoubtedly win Portugal on Saturday morning a bloodbath opponents: 2018 World Cup qualifying division in Europe continue to fight, which will be based in the French home court the underdog against Andorra, although held in the summer home of the European Cup, France was not as willing but the performance is still remarkable exalted title. The first round of the European qualifying group match France away upset by the Belarus 0 0 draw, this time to the home court, France is bound to take all three points. Compared with France’s star studded lineup, Bulgaria has some problems, they win the first battle only minnows Luxemburg, but lost the ball is reached as many as 3, defensive problems, this is the road, facing the warpath very thick and the strength is much higher than their French team, it is difficult to see. Index, the disc out of 2.25 strong deep dish, showed great strength difference between the two teams, the footwall continued to increase, upper confidence, positive bias in the French team, I think, is a service in France when the home court will get three points. Two: Saturday morning at the world cup upcoming exciting race, in which Portugal will face the home court team killed Andorra, the two teams clash two times, Portugal is the victory, alive preliminaries in the first round, Portugal lost to Switzerland, the current championship is still odd, this was moved to the home court, every superstar C array will return to Luo, get three points. The guest of Andorra is ranked 203 in the world, Europe ranked 54, before the European qualifiers 10 battles negative bottom panel, Europe is struggling, but it is worth mentioning that, in the face of Belgium, Welsh had Andorra and other teams have scored, showing some of its ability to score. Index, the disc have opened a 4.25 ball deep handicap, showing various agencies for great confidence to win for Portugal, two teams are the huge gap, handicap is more reasonable, the upper plate water level is lowered further, continued to improve his confidence, considering the disparity in the strength of the game is no suspense, portugal.相关的主题文章: