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Have to say a small coup – Sohu maternal prenatal care and many mothers in childbirth before 2 weeks, in order to smooth production, will carry out all kinds of tests. If the mother has the phenomenon of irregular contractions in prenatal, must be timely to the hospital for treatment, if delayed treatment, it is easy to affect the child’s birth. Women need to do prenatal care what? Experts say, the mother should be a normal diet and rest, there is a good state of mind, so as to be able to care for maternal and child health. According to statistics, the size and age of expectant mothers are associated with abnormal birth and fetal abnormalities. In particular, the fat or thin or older mothers, and the body is normal and the age of not more than 35 years of age, compared with the original mother, the possibility of abnormal condition increased significantly. Therefore, this kind of expectant mothers should pay more attention to prenatal care. Methods 1 to select the right age of delivery of the age of 35 has already belonged to the elderly primipara, with the increase of the age of the mother, the risk factors of pregnancy and childbirth will increase gradually. First, the age is up, birth canal and perineum, pelvic joints become hard, not easy to expand, uterine contraction and vaginal extension is much larger than in the past, it will lead to a longer delivery time, will be more prone to dystocia situation than young women. Second, the greater the age of expectant mothers, the greater the likelihood of complications of hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Therefore, not to use the Caesarean birth will increase the possibility of. Relevant experts believe that the best women of childbearing age is 25-29 years old, would be larger in the possibility of this age production of mothers in labor. Methods 2 pregnant reasonable nutrition, weight control baby weight more than 4000 grams (we call this child called macrosomia), had the possibility will be reduced. If the prenatal examination of Chinese medicine to predict fetal weight of more than 4000 grams, basically will allow expectant mothers to take cesarean section. In order to make the weight of newborn maintained in the normal range, at the time of pregnancy, the best mothers more exercise, not all the time, sitting and lying. Often eat some fresh fruit, eat less carbohydrates, high fat foods, in pregnancy, it is best not to eat those desserts, fried foods, sweet drinks, etc.. The most ideal pregnancy weight is 3 months pregnant within the first trimester of pregnancy increased by 2 kg, the mid term of pregnancy in the last 3 to 6 months or late pregnancy for each of the 7 – 9 months increased by about 5 kg, a total of about 12 kg. If you add more than 20 kg during pregnancy, it may cause the baby to become a giant baby. Methods 3 pregnant pregnancy gymnastics gymnastics result can help control weight during pregnancy, and can also promote the smooth delivery, which is mainly due to: 1, exercise can increase muscle, back muscle and pelvic floor muscle tension and elasticity, make joint, ligament flabby soft, can also help the production of muscle relaxation, to reduce the resistance of the birth canal also, can let the fetus through the birth canal to reduce time. According to the related research, it is concluded that the expectant mother’s pregnancy rate is significantly higher than that of the expectant mother相关的主题文章: