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More than a zombie zombie wide fear with Li Qinna Yan tie get muscle strength and low cost to guide movies on the first half of the year, finally came to the most intense summer season for South Korean cinema box office. Although there are inevitably a lot of routines and malicious sensational things, but the atmosphere is still quite accurate grasp of thriller. This is a look at their bright white face by the virus invasion into, such as color, feeble lips purple and so on Horror Picture, just let people address him difficult to accept! In fact, working overtime, staying up late, meeting, irregular life habits are likely to make you unwittingly become Ren (Xia) yan! Excuse me? Are you sure that the stills are not the sense of the inverted watermelon juice on the face? South Korea "renge said Kong Liu Hale was hit with plasma features even is still handsome. Compared with South Korea’s special flower man, the route of Kong Liu is unusual. He has a kind of inexplicable, like the fire of male hormones, and mixed with these literary temperament, and handsome body shape, fans into the pit, natural Hin fast. Zheng Youmei in the play in addition to superb acting on the line, was scared of the gaunt face is very feeble is very good! In fact, if you usually pay attention to maintenance, such as the visual sense of the zombie dishes Yan! The wind howling, give your skin care products upgrading products suitable for subsequent nutrient absorption and promoting blood circulation products bursting ability is the "CAI for women! Can you live in this bloody picture of Hold?! But it is worth pondering, apart from those by effects after face makeup makeup, eye makeup is also a major feature of terror. Silver cosmetic contact lenses really deserved the scary first, generally divided into lacrimal groove type black eye black eye, black eye pigment type and vascular type black eye of the three, if two or three mix is a zombie Yan vu. Want to get rid of the zombie Yan life, first and stars secretly division! Let us look at the entertainment flowers Dan how they live Keep vitality! Li Qin was invited to participate in the 2017 Fashion Week show, in good condition without skin to skin retouching, reflective plate, white powder full skin moisture, like milk soak the tender and gentle. Li Qin’s girl muscle from the diligent maintenance every night, the use of high concentration, small molecules, light texture massage oil to the skin filled with oil, clear the accumulation of free radicals during the day, so that the skin in a high spirited state to meet the subsequent items. Korean girl Lim Yoona recently in "The K2" conference, white and beautiful skin with a healthy flush, it seems winter skin is also very good, translucent white skin like bulbs shine, a beauty girl as usual halo attributes with massage instrument, promote skin absorption after skincare. Recently, our goddess coulee nuozha appeared frequently in the live picture, a black powder, she said she nausea, ultra emboldened domineering God replies "disgusting you to spit ah", already from nuozha more people love. It is commendable that through the live, nuozha skin Bailitouhong, around the eyes can not see a black eye and other defects. For actors.

比丧尸更阔怕的丧尸颜 跟李沁娜扎get元气肌  告别了名导及低成本电影崭露头角的上半年,终于来到了票房之战最为激烈的韩国影院夏季档。虽然不可避免的出现了很多套路与恶意煽情的东西,但是,惊悚的氛围把握还是挺准确的。看着他们本是红润亮白的脸蛋被病毒侵袭后变成苍白无力、面如菜色、唇部发紫等等惊悚的画面,简直让人直呼难以接受!其实,平时加班、熬夜、开会、不规律的生活习惯都有可能让你不知不觉中沦为丧(xia)尸(ren)颜!  Excuse me?你确定剧照不是倒了盆西瓜汁在脸上的既视感吗?有韩国“大仁哥”之称的孔刘硬朗的五官即便被血浆袭满脸也是帅气依旧。相比韩国的特产花美男,孔刘走的路线不寻常,他身上有一种莫名、像火一般的男性荷尔蒙,又夹杂这些许文艺气质,和帅气的身形,迷妹们入坑自然hin快。  郑有美在剧中除了精湛的演技上线之外,被吓得苍白无力的憔悴脸庞也是很令人心疼好么!其实,如果你平时不注意保养,面如菜色的视觉感堪比丧尸颜呢!秋风瑟瑟,快给你的保养品更新换代,适合产品后续营养吸收且有爆棚促进血液循环的超能力产品才是“菜菜女”们的专供!  对于这种血腥翻白眼的画面大家能Hold住吗!但值得深思的是,撇开那些被特效妆容妆扮后的脸,眼妆也是一大恐怖特色。银白色美瞳真的名至实归的吓人第一名,一般黑眼圈分为泪沟型黑眼圈、血管型黑眼圈和色素型黑眼圈这三种,如果两种或三种mix更是有丧尸颜的既视感。想生活中摆脱丧尸颜,先来和明星们偷偷师吧!  让我们看看娱乐圈的小花旦们是如何Keep住元气的吧!李沁受邀参加2017时装周看秀,肤况好到完全不用修片,肌肤自带反光板,白里透粉的肌肤饱满润泽,犹如牛奶浸润过的柔润嫩滑。李沁的少女肌源自每晚的勤奋保养,使用浓度高、分子小、质地轻盈的按摩油来给肌肤加满油,清除白天累积的自由基,让肌肤以昂扬状态迎接后续品项。  韩国美少女林允儿最近参加《The K2》发布会,白皙亮丽的肌肤透出淡淡的健康红晕,看来秋冬护肤也做得很到位,白皙透亮的肌肤像灯泡一样发光发亮,有美颜光环属性的少女如平日会用按摩仪器,在护肤品之后促进肌肤的吸收力。  近日,我们的古力娜扎女神频频出现在直播的画面上,有黑粉说她恶心,她就超有底气地霸气神回复“恶心你去吐呀”,早已百毒不侵的娜扎更加受人喜欢。值得赞赏的是,透过直播,娜扎的肌肤白里透红,眼睛周围都看不出有黑眼圈等瑕疵。对于演员来说,日夜颠倒的劳碌,眼部周围的皮肤会因此受到影响,想要拒绝黑眼圈和松弛,要学会根据自己的肌肤状况搭配有针对效果的眼霜,然后促进按摩,让眼周肌得到修复和保障。编辑推荐:Giorgio Armani光钥新肌柔光水润霜 RMB680 50ml  推荐理由:阿玛尼「光钥新肌」柔光水润霜,独特融雪般质地,触肤一刻瞬即吸收。每日早晚,取适量于掌心温热乳化,以指腹涂抹并按摩全脸,令肌肤24小时保湿弹润,令后续底妆持久贴合,一妆到底!亦可妆后使用,点按两颊,还原肌肤自然光泽。完美解决脸部因缺少水分而引起的细纹、起皮等肌肤问题与浮粉、卡粉等花妆问题。编辑推荐:HR至美溯顏浓缩精华液 RMB2680 30ml  推荐理由:业界最高浓度珍稀阿尔卑斯高山雪绒花精萃协同Pro-Xylane专利波色因从内而外重新建构肌肤,延缓细胞衰老,全效深切修复,同时富含 Hepes 高能蛋白酶激活因子,卓效更生肌肤角质层。  编辑推荐:Shiseido时光琉璃御藏奢养精华油 RMB1280 75ml推荐理由:具有深层滋润效果的多功能美容油。采用世界首创 “水网技术”,将水分与油份完美结合与释放,奢华丝绸般柔滑质感。从日本香柚果皮中萃取天然芳香,发挥高效舒缓、放松及抗氧化效果。添加五种100%天然 精油成分,高度保湿,全效修护,从根本上改善肌肤干燥、粗糙、皱纹、痘痘、疤痕等问题。相关的主题文章: