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Nanjing Lishui district two intermediary real number   checked on suspicion of fraud — Jiangsu channel: original title: Lishui two intermediary real number, on suspicion of fraud, checked intermediary real crackdown is escalating. Nanjing city housing security and Housing Bureau November 27th evening informed: 2 intermediary Lishui district by the real estate sector survey because of the real number, the 2 intermediary is indefinitely stop net signed, involved intermediary personnel suspected of fraud has been transferred to public security departments, the case will be investigated for criminal responsibility. In Nanjing to take after the purchase of the policy, does not limit the scope of the purchase of the property market in Lishui continues to heat up, a hard to find a room of hot scenes on the market. November 17th, Lishui’s popular real estate Vanke City to receive pre-sale permit, the next day to open Yaohao sales. On the 17 day licensing day, two Lishui real estate intermediary to 60 thousand yuan a price, room number to peddle publicly. This act is the media forensics and provided to the Lishui District real estate board. According to the "real estate broker management approach" twenty-fifth paragraph first, real estate brokers and real estate brokerage personnel shall have the following acts: false information spread prices or units and real estate development business collusion property hoarding, the housing speculation, to manipulate the market price. At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of article thirty-fourth, in violation of the above provisions, the price department at or above the county level in accordance with the provisions of the laws, regulations and rules for punishment. Lishui district investigation agency, 2 intermediary companies suspected of speculation, not the project, nor for the real estate brokerage agency filing procedures. According to the Nanjing real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office, Lishui District real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office has taken serious measures to strengthen supervision of intermediary enterprises, Lishui District Property Bureau has been combined with the examination of the intermediary market, 2 intermediaries involved issued a deadline for filing of real estate brokerage institutions rectification notice, requiring immediate rectification, and indefinitely stop net signed formalities. The intermediary personnel suspected of fraud, transferred to public security departments for investigation, once verified, will be investigated for criminal responsibility. In addition, Lishui District immediately interviewed developers, require enterprises to self-examination, while reaffirming the provisions of the project management agency of the Nanjing new city run Properties Limited, the industrial real estate investment advisory company, no housing speculation. If employees participate in speculative housing, once verified, shall be dismissed, suspected of violating the law will be transferred to public security departments. Lishui District Real Estate Board on the matter of the 2 companies involved in the violation of the region’s notification, blacklisted. Nanjing City real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office said, the next step will be the city’s violations of the 2 agency bulletin, and tracking supervision, on suspicion of speculation Housing enterprises, once verified will be severely dealt with according to the law, will not be tolerated. At the same time, Nanjing will be in November 25th according to the request of the Ministry of housing on the norms of the real estate intermediary behavior continued to rectify the market order teleconference, carry out special rectification of the Nanjing real estate intermediary, the construction of orderly intermediary team, create a cool and bright, clean market environment. (Ma Lele) (commissioning editor Geng Zhichao and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: