New York defender Harden Ross angrily continuation of performance will be better (video)

New York defender Harden Ross angrily: continuation of performance can be better [collection] Nicks Harden 30 + 15 118-99 rocket brutal Tomahawk split button Tencent sports news November 3rd 118-99, in the garden of Madison rockets gain a complete victory. Harden game got 30 points and 6 rebounds and 15 assists, almost unilaterally suspended the opponent. Harden is a perfect play "we are a very special team, and is new." Harden said. "So we will continue to build this team and move in the right direction. As long as we continue to do this, it will be better." Before the game, harden averaged 11.8 assists in the league. After the game, his assists per game is bound to continue to climb, the last game against Cleveland, the Rockets lost to 120-128. Harden the audience scored 41 points and 7 rebounds and 15 assists, is still not enough to shake the defending champion. But when the opponent into Nicks, the task is much simpler. Madison in the garden, the Rockets won 7 games Nicks, New York since January 26, 2009, has never failed to beat the Rockets in the home court. As the former Nicks coach, now as the Rockets coach of the DAntoni, for the performance of the disciples, is obviously very satisfied. "The lads helped us to move on, and harden, he was the one. He’s really good. I think he’s capable of playing every game." The opposite side is the Nicks team’s offensive bad, Starving people fill the land., the defense out of position, even grab rebounds are not good, natural outcome is tragic. "If we don’t start at a good defense, then a similar strike will be one after another." Ross attacks the team. "This requires everyone to work hard, which requires us to work together to make a." For Sam Dekker, tonight is not so lucky, in a fast moving, Dekker wanted to play dunks, but foot slipped and fell on the ground after the game, Dekker could not help but laugh, "when a white players get a chance, he is too excited. But I also need not feel crazy, after all we win ah, in addition to this moment, the whole game." Interestingly, this summer, the Rockets had an interview with Hornacek, but eventually hired DAntoni. (Yang Weili) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: