Ningde drug man with a knife hijacked female cadre mayor took the knife to rescue the hostages-shuyue

Ningde drug man with a knife hijacked female cadre mayor took the knife to rescue the hostages recently, the reporter learned from Fu’an City Public Security Bureau, Saiqi town mayor Cai Longyu a month ago in the face of drug man with a knife hostage-taking knife, regardless of personal danger to rescue the hostages, has been recognized as courageous behavior. In August 10th, nearly 11, a topless middle-aged man aimlessly walked into the town of Qi town government building on the first floor, and went to the two floor, two cadres are working in the township government vigilance, and followed its upstairs. The man soon disappeared when he reached the two floor, and then came the sound of closing doors and the screams of women. The village cadres mother followed that is located on the two floor of the room out of the financial anomalies, decisive kick the door. Two female workers rushed out of the room, and the female cadre of the town government, who was working in the financial office, was stuck by the man and couldn’t get out of the neck. Town dangzhengban director Zhuo Wukang ran to the third floor, to the town Party Secretary Wu Fuqing and mayor Cai Longyu report. Wu Fuqing and Cai Longyu rushed to the corridor on the two floor. At this time, in the financial room, the name of a foreign accent of middle-aged men, the meat knife a shining in especially a neck, and heard about the more than 20 cadres and workers in a stalemate. "What do you want? We can help. Don’t be impulsive."!" In this case, Wu Fuqing and Cai Longyu tried to stabilize the gangster’s mood and try to wait for the police rescue. However, when the hostages dragged back close to the time, not far from the Women’s Room. "I’ll change her. You let him go."!" Seeing a particular neck has been cut by the knife scar, Cai Longyu asked the gangster, but was refused. He was in the town cadres Chen Shaokai Fu’an dialect account side, let him go to a magazine, with their own force to seize the knife will stand in the magazine especially a neck, just in case. At this point, the siren sound from far and near, flustered gangsters ready to drag hostages into the bathroom. Cai Longyu, who had worked with the defense team, kept stabilizing the gangster’s emotions while bowing to him. "Never let them in, otherwise the toilet door is locked and the danger can’t be controlled."!" Then, a big step toward the Cai Longyu, the right hand quickly grasp the knife hand, while the left power took the knife to chop the meat, the presence of the police and the town cadres also joined, will force criminals firmly under control, especially successfully rescued. It is reported that the suspect Li is a Hunan Huaihua people, has drug abuse history, has been arrested. (reporter Zhuang Yan)

宁德吸毒男子持刀劫持女干部 镇长夺刀解救人质   近日,记者从福安市公安局了解到,赛岐镇镇长蔡龙玉一个月前面对吸毒男子持刀劫持人质,奋不顾身夺刀解救人质,已被确认为见义勇为行为。   8月10日近11时,一名上身袒露的中年男子漫无目的地走进赛岐镇政府大楼一层,并晃悠悠地走上了二层,两名正在镇政府办事的村干部有所警觉,并尾随其上楼。   该男子到了二楼之后很快消失身影,随即传来重重的关门声和女子的惊叫声。尾随的村干部循声断定是位于二楼的财务室出了异常情况,果断踹门而入。室内的两名女性工作人员冲出门外,正在财务室办事的镇政府女干部尤某却被该男子卡住脖子无法脱身。   镇党政办负责人卓武康气喘吁吁地跑到三楼,向镇党委书记吴伏清和镇长蔡龙玉报告。吴伏清和蔡龙玉迅速冲到二楼走廊上。此时,在财务室门口,这名操着外地口音的中年男子,将一把明晃晃的剁肉刀架在尤某的脖子上,与闻讯赶来的20多名干部职工僵持着。   “你有什么诉求,我们可以帮助,千万不要冲动!”见此情形,吴伏清、蔡龙玉以尽量温和的口气,想办法稳住歹徒的情绪,争取时间等待警方救援。但是,凶相毕露的歹徒拖着人质不断往后退,向不远处的女卫生间靠近。   “我来换她,你放人!”眼见尤某的脖子已被刀口划出伤痕,蔡龙玉向歹徒提出要求,但被拒绝。他急中生智,用福安方言交代身旁的镇干部陈绍凯,让他快去找一本杂志,配合自己强行夺刀时将杂志挡在尤某的脖子上,以防万一。   此时,警笛声由远而近,心慌的歹徒准备将人质拖进卫生间。有过联防队工作经历的蔡龙玉,一边继续稳住歹徒的情绪,一边躬着身向其缓缓靠近。   “绝不能让他们进去,否则厕门反锁,险情无法控制!”说时迟那时快,蔡龙玉一个大步扑向歹徒,右手快速抓住其持刀之手,同时左手猛力夺过剁肉刀,在场民警和镇干部也一拥而上,合力将歹徒牢牢控制住,尤某顺利获救。   据悉,犯罪嫌疑人李某系湖南怀化人,有吸毒史,目前已被批捕。(记者 庄严)相关的主题文章: