Non real name phone cards can still purchase on the web; how to destroy — a

Non real name phone cards can still purchase   on the web; how to destroy — a fish escaped through the Seine communication channel — original title: non real name phone cards can still purchase on the Internet how to destroy a fish escaped through the Seine several days of college students cheated event makes people again focused on Telecommunications fraud, especially in Shandong Linyi at the age of 18 prospective students Xu Yuyu after the unfortunate death of tuition cheated light, caused widespread concern and discussion, how to prevent telecommunications fraud posts and articles spread. In the weapon, and even some such as "see the number of virtual operators, do not answer the phone, this have many virtual operators responsible person said quite aggrieved with the" Securities Daily "reporters," in the strict requirements of the Ministry of industry, we have to take a unified real name system, never before the real name system will be taken to stop processing." In addition, from the Securities Daily reporter visited the field in Beijing, a number of operators found stores, if you want to apply for a new number and a new virtual number, do require real name registration. As early as three years ago, the Ministry issued the "true identity of the phone user information registration", requiring the user to handle mobile phone card access procedures, must provide true identity information. The Ministry has also repeatedly said that the real name system for virtual operators to carry out the implementation of several rounds of supervision and inspection, and take the industry internal notification, social bulletin, special interviews, ordered rectification measures, supervise the implementation of the work requirements of virtual operators. Although the policy crackdown is large, but there is still "a fish escaped through the Seine", the "Securities Daily" reporter found in a second-hand Taobao trading platform, section 170 is still in the big sale, the seller in the above news release, "the new 170 phone cards, 0 monthly rent of 0 permanent base, a voice message function is normal, non real name, spot 28 yuan a large amount of discount." The other one is released from Siping news show, "snail, Deeja, much special Wulian card country without roaming number 170, zero monthly payment card mobile phone wholesale and retail" message. In this regard, TMT CRE Securities chief analyst Ma said in an interview with reporters, the "Securities Daily", the reason why there are not the real name of the virtual number section lies in the early virtual operator name system checks is not strict, "virtual operators in order to seize the customers in the early payment of not less segment number, in the premise of the Ministry of the real name of the deadline next, the three basic operators and virtual operators to gradually improve the real name system, also from the late, the Ministry will become more and more strict supervision of virtual operators." A non real name phone cards can buy in recent years, with the virtual operators to gradually enter the market, the market is obviously a lot of virtual segment number, and virtual operators in the early promotion, in order to seize the market share of the real name system requirements are not strict, which led directly to many, for non real name card people have turned to a virtual provider. This also makes the virtual operator business has become reluctant to sell the real name card, the focus of fraud cards. Data show that in the near future malicious fraud SMS, nearly 44% from paragraph 170171. September 1, 2015 onwards, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry and operators,相关的主题文章: