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HEALTH ISSUES IN INDIA The imminent threat posed by lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) or diabetes in India is far more .pared to the possibility of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. Statistics suggest that heart diseases are not only the biggest killer in the world, they are the leading cause of death in India as well. In 2008, heart diseases, aka CVDs took more than 12.5 lakh lives and is projected to cause up to 40 lakh deaths a year by 2030. A large percentage of them are dying in their middle-ages (below the age of 60) during the productive years of their life. Also, with >61 crore diabetics and 9.8 lakh diabetes-related deaths in 2011, India has already been declared the diabetes capital of the world. India has a large number of hypertensives with projections indicating nearly a doubling from 118 million in 2000 to 213 million by 2025. Hypertension prevalence in adults is between 20% and 40% in urban areas and 12% and 17% in rural areas. The World Health Organisation estimates that India is projected to lose International $ (I$) 237 billion (1.5% of the GDP) as a result of heart disease, strokes and diabetes between 2005 and 2015. RISK FACTORS FOR LIFESTYLE DISEASES Apart from tobacco, alcohol, obesity, physical inactivity or hypertension , one of the other major risk factor is unhealthy diet. What contributes to the unhealthy food we Indians eat is the oil used for cooking. The Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) has revealed that oil intake increased from 18 grams per person daily in 1990-1992 to 27 grams per person daily in 2003-2005, while fat intake rose from 41 grams to 52 grams per person daily during the same period. Also aggregate consumption data indicates an increasing trend in edible oil consumption, which has risen from 9.7 million tonnes in 2000-2001 to 14.3 million tonnes in 2007-2008, with a high proportion of unhealthy oils high in saturated and trans-fats. Given the circumstances, olive oil may be regarded as a viable option in terms of the health benefits that can be obtained from the same. WHY OLIVE OIL? Olive oil is primarily used by Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece for cooking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other purposes. In India, though, olive oil is mostly used for beauty treatments, viz., massage, facials, etc. Olive oil is extracted from the fruit of olive tree by grinding the same. The process may be mechanical or chemical depending on the grade of oil being extracted. Research suggests that a high amount of monounsaturated fats in the diet reduces the risk of coronary heart disease . Since olive oil is significantly rich in monounsaturated fats (especially oleic acid), its utility as far as healthy diet is concerned, can hardly be missed. Some of the other health benefits of olive oil include cholesterol regulation and blood sugar control. Olive oil helps in oxidising bad cholesterol (LDL). It protects against heart disease by controlling the bad levels of LDL cholesterol and increasing the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). According to the prevailing opinion olive oil can also lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure. KNOWING THE OLIVE OIL Even though the health effects of olive oil are undeniable, indiscriminate and ignorant use of olive oil can lead to more harm than good. Usually green olives tend to produce more bitter oil while overripe olives can produce rancid oil, i.e., oil which will produce toxic by-products and a bitter taste. Hence its very important that care is taken to produce good extra virgin olive oil. In this context it is noteworthy to mention that olive oil .es in various grades, viz., extra virgin olive oil, refined olive oil, olive oil, olive pomace oil, etc. In India despite the awareness in some quarters that olive oil is good for health and extra virgin olive oil is the best one can get, its use in an uninformed way has led to further health hazards. Therefore it is important that one knows the specific use of each grade of oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 相关的主题文章: