Only concerned about the work of the civil servants, the pain and twist Pakistan stems from the Stat-e2140

Only care about the work of civil servants "pain and Ningba" in the state Sohu comments in November 25th, "Chinese Youth Daily" published an article entitled "my servants: pain and Ningba" the first person to the point of view about the author’s life to work for civil servants, is not clear, the working method of rigid, lack of planning, occupation color location unknown, several aspects such as lack of sense of security, are the main factors causing the civil life pain and ningba. I suspect that this article may lead to two different points of view. The first one is from non institutional social practitioners, they might think that this article is "the end of civil servants attempt an ineffective solution", "a secure job" still feel pain and twist, make social practitioners too much to handle. The second is service personnel from within the system, they have a real experience and practical experience, a day care "can be most people’s attitude to work on time, management system is more and more strict, treatment and can only get a fixed salary, job promotion little monk said, the key will have to see and leadership the relationship how, therefore, this article is also a true portrayal of some public officials. Even now, there are still a lot of people think of public officers stay in "a cup of tea a day is a newspaper" level, "said Qian Zhongshu wall" in and out of the system is particularly prominent. People outside the system to do everything possible to squeeze into the system, and the people inside the system for a long time will sprout, then the world, I want to go out to see the idea. So, on the one hand, the country has not been an upsurge in the exam, on the other hand, the resignation of the public when the hot news. Essentially, civil servants with society in any industry, is also a kind of occupation, however, is to eat rice taxpayers and serving the people of the special industry personnel flow itself is a normal phenomenon, are out, there are civil servants, to continue to shine new vitality. In practice, the author described the life of civil servants is not exist, "pain and Ningba" image expression is also very vivid, spectators also don’t laugh, especially personnel, and other relevant departments of the organization leading cadres. The author of the article in the display of the problem, or can be used as a solution to the problem of the stability of the cadre team, in what way to solve, is to let the cadres in the work of happiness and enjoy. As a public officer, I only care about one thing every day: whether to work on time today. It seems a bit strange, a lot of people want to ask: is it for people to serve this state?. So is the nature of man, everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable life of leisure, work is no exception, if there is "what do not take salary can" work, I think anyone will flock, but this job does not exist. Or because a day too tired, or because the family has children in need of care, care "to work" is wrong? If a cadre in the unit every day, slowly, so this mentality is really not in the mood". Work is not in the state, there are many reasons. As the article pointed out, no hope of promotion and so on various chores, Joe相关的主题文章: