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Our province college Bulu Bulu volunteer deadline for 24 days at 17 Washington (reporter Yang Jiafeng correspondent Gong Ping) on September 24th to 28, the province of the regular admission of makeup stage in Higher Vocational Colleges in Hubei University outstanding undergraduate program, no makeup. Higher vocational education organized by the provincial Zhaoban Bulu, Bulu province executive recruit Committee document No. [2016]8 published scores, the candidates according to the provincial admissions announced plans and Bulu institutions Bulu voluntary reporting, the provincial admissions volunteer. Bulu volunteers into 9 parallel volunteer, candidates can fill 9 colleges, according to the provincial admissions Toudang parallel voluntary rules from high to low Toudang school, recorded in the trial. The examinee Bulu voluntary reporting time for the September 24th, deadline for 24 PM 5:00, outdated network system will be shut down, can not repay. This is my makeup in 2016 college admission last chance, please line not admitted candidates grasp the last chance of admission, fill 9 voluntary institutions. Special remind candidates: 1. Not admitted candidates can participate in makeup line. To achieve higher vocational college admission batch corresponding line and not admitted candidates (i.e. the freedom to vote candidates are eligible to participate in makeup). In the regular admission stage has been admitted to the specialist candidates, including admission to university registration examinee, can not participate in makeup. 2. Bulu voluntary reporting must be accurate reporting institutions code and professional code". The candidates to fill makeup collecting voluntary reporting institutions, not only to code, and must fill in the "professional code", "do not use professional code for invalid volunteer. "Professional code" in the voluntary reporting system in the "professional code" column. University code and professional code "see published in the provincial admissions" of Higher Vocational Colleges and makeup plan ". 3. Candidates to fill colleges and universities as a volunteer to comply with the professional arrangement of the institutions, the candidates in the professional arrangements for the completion of the professional category of unfinished professional planning. Institutions of professional and charging standards in 2016, "Hubei entrance examination" magazine eleventh, phase eighteenth. The candidates to fill makeup volunteer, except on makeup volunteer program requirements, must also see reporting enrollment regulations, seriously understand the physical condition of completing the college candidates and related results have no special requirements, so as to avoid the error reporting, Toudang by universities back, affect their own admission. 4. Note that the query admission information, Bulu University report on time. From September 25th to September 28th for college Bulu Toudang admission time, candidates can log in Hubei enrollment information network query their admission information, candidates admitted to college admission notice and on time to keep in touch, Bulu University report.相关的主题文章: