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Automobiles Appealing to your existing customer base is a great way to build brand loyalty in the auto industry, and Honda recently undertook a great campaign to show a little love to their customers using social media. For Cherry Hill Honda Accord dealers, the social web is a great place to connect with their audience and learn more about how they can offer the best customer service and the best vehicles the public has ever seen. The campaign was undertaken when the Honda brand reached 1 million followers, a huge benchmark in the world of social media and a great way to keep fans updated on Facebook, thereby generating brand loyalty and return customers. As part of the campaign, members of the Honda corporate team read entries from some of the biggest Honda fans and showed that they were on their team with hilarious, outside-of-the-box shows of .panionship. One Honda team member got a non-permanent tattoo of fan after the fan posted a picture of his own tattoo: the Honda logo. When Anny S. decided to shave the Honda VTEC logo onto the back of her head, a member of the Honda team reciprocated by shaving Annys name into the back of his head. The exec then shared the photo via Facebook, drumming up plenty of buzz that will have customers mobbing their Philadelphia Honda dealership. Honda Accord Cherry Hill dealers couldnt be happier with the work of their corporate team, which is making the best of social media channels to garner more support for the brand. The auto market usually has a lot of dollars backing their marketing efforts, but Facebook offers a great grassroots channel for getting the word out without spending too much money. According to the recent article in Auto Remarketing, As part of the automakers ongoing Were Fans of You Too Week to celebrate hitting 1 million fans on Facebook, Honda vice president of marketing Steve Center airbrush-tattooed Dustins name and likeness on a similar part on his arm. Throughout the week, Honda and its employees, like Center, have been reciprocating the support shown by Facebook fans by giving back some personalized fandom of their own. Your Philadelphia Honda dealership is excited to be part of such a great campaign to recognize the customers that make the Honda brand one of the most beloved worldwide. Well expect to see more of this exchange of loyalty in the future based on the success of this campaign. Cherry Hill Honda Accord drivers are feeling the love too, and its great to see a brand that cares enough to reach out to customers to show their appreciation for their business. This move will surely show some great success for the Honda branding team, and it will be a great case study for social media marketers across the globe. Your Honda dealership is proud to be part of such a rich tradition in driving, and well expect to see many great things out of the Honda brand over the next few years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: