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Position. Pelican eyebrows brother new season to play 82 games at the leadership role – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 26th, ESPN reported that the New Orleans pelicans team last season and missed the playoffs, "eyebrows brother" Davies at the end of the season due to injury when reimbursement. Last year, Davies and the pelican team contract for 5 years to $145 million, the new season he prepared a new team leader, and that will end up in the pelican. Chris – Paul left the city of New Orleans, Paul in 2011 from the New Orleans Hornets traded to the Losangeles clippers. Davies in 2012 as a champion show identity, he immediately became the representative of the city of New Orleans. Davies in the League four seasons, three time all star, an all NBA first team, a person in the playoffs, with Davies entered the fifth season, he gradually accepted the role of leader. The coach said: "I think Davies is aware of their importance to the team last season, I will tell all the people, the 23 year old young people to become the leader of the team this summer, he grew rapidly. He’s brave enough to speak, and we’ve been texting all summer." Kevin – Durant leave this summer for many years, the mother of the thunder team, in order to win the Champions league. Davies said that his future, his commitment to the team over the contract period, never intended to leave the pelican, and plans to the championship for the team. Davies in the last season, averaging 24.3 points and 10.3 rebounds, 2 blocks and 1.9 assists, due to injury, played only 68 games this season, Davies hopes to be able to play 82 games, the eyebrows brother thinks his body can withstand the 82 game in the new season. The team lost Ryan Anderson this summer and Eric Gordon scoring two, Salomon introduced Hill and Terrence to Jones and Stephenson, Davies this summer signings said, "the key is not to have the highest talent, but how to help the team." (CHE)相关的主题文章: