Postpartum depression eat what good Can eat 7 kinds of

Postpartum depression eat what good? Can eat 7 kinds of food postpartum depression eat what food is good? First correct a wrong concept, postpartum depression is not hypocritical, many new mothers will suffer from depression in the postpartum, in addition to adjust the mood, diet can be very useful in prevention and treatment of postpartum depression. Let us look at the next, postpartum depression eat what good. Vitamins and amino acids in food has important influence on people’s mental health, scientific food can effectively regulate the maternal mood, the food can be refreshing, soothing mood, improve the mother’s symptoms of depression and anxiety. Its physical and mental health are very important for postpartum mothers, postpartum mothers should not only self-cultivation, but also to yangxin. Mothers should eat more contain rich vitamin B, vitamin C, food and minerals such as magnesium and zinc in the postpartum period, these foods have the efficacy of compression and anti depression. Prevention of postpartum depression diet three principle eat partial warm foods suffering from postpartum depression were appropriate to eat some hot food partial temperature to improve their emotional problems, and this type of partial warm food are mainly rice, coriander, fennel, pepper, onion, leek, seasonings, and jujube, black beans, lentils and corn grains. In addition, some of the common fruit is also part of the hot food, mainly orange, pomegranate, hawthorn, peach, litchi, etc.. Beef, lamb, shrimp, sea cucumber, dog meat, chicken and other foods are also belong to this type of Yo, mothers can eat some of these foods to help women ease depression is very effective! Eat high protein and high fiber foods can be a woman suffering from depression, it is easy to insomnia, and long-term insomnia will make the maternal consumption of a lot of energy, causing attention is difficult to focus and other troubles. So, at this moment, mothers are very need to replenish nutrition in time to help the body to restore health. Xiao Bian recommended depression mothers diet with high protein, high fiber, heat diet, and pay attention to eating Runchang food, maintain defecate unobstructed, reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body. Women who drink more water depression is necessary, mothers once suffering from depression, basal metabolic body will decline, which will lead to many diseases, such as fire, boil, toothache and other concurrent diseases, at this time, mothers drink plenty of water is very necessary. Drink plenty of water to help mothers to maintain normal operation of the viscera, your gut lubrication, can also help you to pass two, promote the body of harmful substances in smoothly excretion. Therefore, suffering from postpartum depression, mothers do not ignore the important thing to drink water! Postpartum depression eat what food is good? 1, drink tea roses can be anti depression medicine that rose, sweet and slightly bitter taste, warm, the most obvious effect is Qi stagnation, blood stasis and relieving pain and. In addition, the rose resistance is very mild, can be temperature dependent heart and liver blood, body fat Shu Qi, calming, soothing, anti depression effect. Women in the menstrual period or menstruation often have some emotional irritability, drink roses can play a regulatory role. More and more pressure in the work and life today, even if it is not a menstrual period, you can also drink a bit of roses, comfort, stability.相关的主题文章: