Preparation Of Silicon Powder-barcarolle

Business The silicon metal is a hard brittle material. In the grinding process, residue can not be effectively controlled and the problem of over-grinding is serious, it results in product wastage, high production costs and product particle size of non-.pliance and makes the products with no .petitiveness. This persistent problem has been plagued the majority of silicon production enterprises and business owner over the years. There are many was using silicon blocks as raw materials to make silicon powder. Which is better, the application is more Raymond Law, Law on the roller, grinding method and the red rotating disk method. Equipment used in the corresponding law, Raymond, roller machine, plate mill (also known as vertical mill) and washed melody. On milling theory perspective, the first three are squeezed crushing, crushing the latter is the impact on its structure, differ greatly, have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Silica reactivity is involved in a chemical reaction to form products. Good performance of the activity of two aspects: First, responsive, stable, and easy to control; second reaction is .plete, the unit consumption is low, the synthesis of silica fume 1t methylchlorosilane low consumption, in order to obtain high activity of silica, the system must take the high block method, the chemical .position of silicon blocks, environmental conditions and methods Preparation of silica fume have reached the optimum level. In fact, the milling process on the silica activity is also great. Standards to determine the activity of silica fume are: silica microstructure, surface area, particle size distribution and production of the results. Meet the requirements of the chemical .position of silicon metal in the refining process has been the best micro-structure, in order to ensure their own participation in the best reaction activity. It must try to reduce the milling time of its microstructure degradation, reducing the grain size and grain deformation between the groups, the vast majority of micro-silica fume to maintain the original structure, in order to maintain or enhance its activity. Four methods, the best method to spin red, because the method is to use the volley hit the silicon block their way to make the weakest link in the body follow the fragmentation, there is no structural deformation caused by squeezing. Silica fume surface area is involved in an important indicator of the ability of chemical reactions. Greater than the surface area of silica fume, the contact area with the larger methyl chloride, the higher the reactivity, the higher the utilization of silicon, the lower unit consumption; therefore, to determine the surface area in metal powder is an important indicator of the activity of silica fume. The use of red spin system is the largest surface area of silica fume. Currently, in the industry, the synthesis of methyl chlorosilanes is continuous reacting and .pleted in flow of methane though the chlorine and silica powder. Silica particle size and distribution of its full extent on the reaction has an important influence. Silica particle size should be appropriate, and require a certain particle size distribution; to get the best results. Therefore, the milling method must maintain the silica particle size is adjustable and high yield, low processing costs, milling process on the silica particle size and distribution. Of course, the level of silica fume activity ultimately depends on the production practices that methylchlorosilane determine the quality and yield About the Author: 相关的主题文章: