Programmers to investigate the majority of men single annual salary of over 300 thousand

Programmers survey: men are mostly single annual salary of more than 300 thousand programmers have always been a concern of the group. 2014, according to IDC statistics, there are about 18 million 500 thousand programmers around the world, China accounted for 10%. In recent years, with the rise of the Internet business boom, "Internet plus", "cloud computing" and "intelligent hardware" in areas such as the rapid development of the market demand for the programmer is more exuberant. By the programmer Inn joint rare earth Nuggets through Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other 28 provinces, municipalities and special administrative regions of the outstanding 10W+ developer conducted a survey. In the survey, the author made a statistical analysis of the age composition, sex ratio, computer language, working hours and salary. Geographical distribution: from the survey results, more than half of the programmers from Beijing (23.55%), Guangdong (16.53%), Zhejiang (12.81%) and Shanghai (12.40%). As the most developed area in China’s economy and technology, North Canton is the main gathering place for programmers. Zhejiang, Hangzhou is currently heavily built to become the Silicon Valley of China, attracting a large number of entrepreneurs, programmers for the employment and development of high-quality conditions. Age composition: the results show that most programmers are less than 35 years of age. More than half of the programmers are between the ages of 23-30. Of course, programmers in the middle of the genius boy proportion is not low. Gender ratio: for a long time, the group is mainly male. In the survey found that the proportion of men and women in the programmers group more than 12:1. So "abnormal" gender composition, also explains why many programmers at the "single dog". The proportion of male programmers (52.46%) is slightly higher than female programmers, but the proportion of female programmers also reached a single. Good language: chart shows that in the group of programmers, the best language is Java (43.03%), JavaScript (32.38%), HTML5 (32.38%), PHP (25.41%). In addition, C (15.98%), Python (15.57%), Objective-c (12.70%), C++ (11.89%) and Node.js (11.07%) are also used in many computer languages. Salary: it is generally agreed that a programmer is a highly paid job. From the survey results, 3 years of work, 15 of the group’s annual income of less than 60 thousand. 15 of programmers in the next 3 years to reach the level of 20-30 million annual salary. Most programmers annual income between 10-20 million, compared to some other industries, monthly salary is already a high income level. After 3-5 years of work, more than 90% programmers reached a monthly salary of + 10 thousand +, only about 10% of the group’s annual income of less than 100 thousand. More than 16 of the population even reached an annual salary of 30-50 million level..相关的主题文章: