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Pulandian old man stuck in the mud rub limbs to save nurse old clothes were soaked and freezing mud formation of heavy armor, the medical staff are cleaning up old clothes. Text reporter map blessing respondents provided Washington on the evening of 14, Pulandian District Central Hospital ICU ward nurse Lv Shuyuan and her colleagues have been concerned with an old man’s life. In the afternoon, the hospital has treated a fall in the pit of the 7 year old, due to long time immersion in cold mud, the old man even when the minimum temperature thermometer are measured out. 16, the B1 version has been on the matter have been reported. The reporter learned from the hospital, the patient received after they began a thrilling relay for life. In November 14th, 16:30 am, Pulandian District Central Hospital emergency department admissions of a special patient: an old man riding a bicycle accidentally fell into the Hua Jia Dao Shi Li Zi Cun, roadside ditch, bubble in the cold mud in several hours, low body temperature, fuzzy sense, was found after the 120 emergency center to be saved by the hospital. Admissions, emergency department staff immediately for the elderly to clean up, because of the cold weather and the trapped time is longer, the clothes are soaked in mud, ice formed heavy armor, the face is covered with dirt. Health care regardless of the elderly will be dirty, clean, male nurses in and around the well intentioned people used clothes pants. The hospital started Easy Access, for the elderly related laboratory examination, after consultation, consideration for hypothermia, the elderly will be transferred to the ICU for the next step of treatment. "At that time, his temperature is below 35 degrees Celsius, even the thermometer are measured out. Such a low temperature if you do not recover as soon as possible, the elderly are likely to have life risk." Lv Shuyuan and colleagues decided that all ICU nurses have to give up the rest time, recovery of body temperature in the hospital to help the elderly left behind. The infusion, oxygen, and double layer insulation quilt, several nurses take turns, stop for a moment to rub the old man’s limbs. Busy until 15 in the morning, the old man’s body temperature was gradually restored. But because of the consciousness of the elderly is not too clear, unable to communicate with the staff again through the micro channel circle of friends in various ways for the families of the elderly. Got the news of Jinzhou Lantian rescue team also came to visit the elderly and families looking for help. The morning of the 15 day, the old man’s consciousness gradually restored, but the talk is still not clear, Lv Shuyuan patiently communicating with the elderly, elderly families trying to find information. At noon, Lv Shuyuan asked the old man surnamed Yu, 74 year old, who lives in Pulandian District Feng Rong Street ancient global community of the day of the accident, he rode a bicycle to visit the home Jinzhou daughter, did not want to go the wrong way into the roadside ditch. Subsequently, the hospital to the global community staff, the multi contact was removed, and finally found the elderly live in Pu District family. The afternoon of November 15th, the two daughters of the elderly rushed to hospital. Hospital after systemic examination for the elderly, confirmed that he can go home. The families of the elderly choking, kept on the medical staff thanked the Central Hospital of Pulandian.

普兰店老汉陷入泥坑 护士搓四肢将其救回 老人衣服被泥浆浸透、结冰形成厚重的“盔甲”,医护人员正在清理老人的衣物。   文 本报记者祝福 图 受访者提供   本报讯 14日晚,普兰店区中心医院ICU病房护士吕淑元和她的同事们一直在关注着一名老人的生命安危。当天下午,医院收治了一名掉在泥坑中的7旬老人,由于长时间浸泡在冰冷淤泥中,老人体温最低时连温度计都测不出来。16日,本报B1版曾对此事进行过报道。记者从医院了解到,接到这个病人后,他们就开始了一场惊心动魄的生命接力。   11月14日16:30许,普兰店区中心医院急诊科接诊一位特殊的病人:一位老人骑自行车不慎掉进了华家街道石砬子村路边沟之后,泡在冰冷的淤泥中几个小时,体温极低、意识模糊,被人发现得救后由120急救送到中心医院。接诊后,急诊科全体人员立即对老人进行清理,因天气寒冷,加之被困时间较长,衣服被泥浆浸透、结冰形成厚重的“盔甲”,颜面被泥土覆盖。医护人员不顾脏臭,将老人清洗干净,男护士和周围的好心人拿来了裤子衣服。医院启动绿色通道,为老人进行相关化验检查,经会诊,考虑为低体温症,将老人转入ICU进行下一步救治。   “当时他的体温低于35摄氏度,连体温计都测不出来了。这样的低体温如果不尽早恢复,老人很可能有生命危险。”吕淑元和同事们决定,所有ICU病房的护士都放弃休息时间,留守在医院帮老人恢复体温。输液、吸氧、加双层棉被保温,几名护士轮流换班,一刻不停地揉搓老人的四肢。一直忙到15日凌晨,老人的体温才渐渐恢复。但因老人的意识还不太清醒,无法沟通,医护人员们又开始通过微信朋友圈等各种途径寻找老人家属。得到消息的金州新区蓝天救助队也帮助寻找家属并前来看望老人。   15日清晨,老人的意识逐渐恢复,但说话仍然不清楚,吕淑元耐心地与老人沟通,试图找到老人家属的信息。当天中午,吕淑元问出了老人姓于,今年74岁,家住普兰店区丰荣街道古泡社区,出事当天他骑着自行车去看望家住金州的女儿,不想走错了路掉进了路边沟。随后,医院联系到古泡社区工作人员,经多方辗转联系,最后总算找到了老人家住金普新区的家属。   11月15日下午,老人的两个女儿赶到医院。医院经过对老人的全身检查后,确认他可以出院回家。老人的家属哽噎了,不停地对普兰店中心医院医护人员表示感谢。相关的主题文章: