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Quanzhou a man on the bus. Save for praise Chen Mingwei artificial respiration two high school students (right) and Huang Yanqing Southern news network November 3rd "while training, the teacher said with gauze to do artificial respiration, but where the gauze, so I took up their own uniforms, uniforms across to the elderly to do artificial respiration…… I’m sorry, I can’t get it back." Quanzhou experimental high school boys Chen Mingwei yesterday afternoon reluctantly said. This morning, Chen Mingwei and his classmate, Huang Yanqing, as usual, take the 21 bus to go to school. The car driving to the Quanzhou City University bus station when not to go, many passengers rush to work, have to get off the ride, Chen Mingwei and Huang Yanqing and two passengers were left, because there is an old man fainted, in urgent need of assistance. "See Grandpa dying, think they have to learn CPR, you want to try." Chen Mingwei kneeling for the elderly chest compressions and artificial respiration, Huang Yanqing is in the side to help. 10 minutes later, the 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene and began to relay the rescue of the elderly, but half an hour after the old man is gone. Yesterday, the official micro-blog "Strait metropolis Quanzhou" was first reported two students act, they save the video playback in today’s headlines, exceeded 100 thousand times. Although the old man is gone, but they come forward to save the screen is moving, there are users praise them is the most handsome students". If you want to save the same as Chen Mingwei, first of all to learn how to rescue knowledge. Previously, the newspaper reported the emergency center for free training in primary care in Quanzhou City, now the training continues, there is no threshold, free of charge, if you want to learn, this Sunday is a training course in primary care, registration phone: 0595-22107832. The old man on the bus that sudden death families had cardiovascular disease at 6:58 yesterday morning, a part of the East China Sea in Quanzhou to West Lake Park 21 bus suddenly stops at the university did not go near the bus station, passengers rush to work can only get off to transfer to other vehicles. Witnesses Mr. Teng saw the bus after the door near the aisle, lay a man, a boy wearing school uniform is kneeling on the ground, do not stop cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the elderly, there is a student and two other passengers to help, but the bus driver was also busy to call the police for help. After receiving the reader broke the news, reporters rushed to the scene, the staff of the 120 emergency center has left, the elderly lying peacefully on the bus corridor, relatives are finishing his clothes. According to the old man’s brother, brother Yang, 64 year old, who lives in the streets of the East China Sea fortress Dong Mei community, before the incident from the Quanzhou Teachers College Station, to the west at the store to help her daughter, the elderly with cardiovascular disease. 9:30 in the morning, relatives will carry the old man home. The East China Sea police station said the preliminary judgment of man sudden death. Students save video screenshot students and passengers took the relay relief after the old man do monitoring Quanzhou city bus company cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At 6:47 in the morning, Hu master driving 21 bus in Quanzhou相关的主题文章: