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Question Mobell abnormal response: continue to unlock the bicycle network signal system September 19th accident occurred in the evening Mobell bicycle, bicycle large "strike" phenomenon. Mobell bicycle overnight investigation, serving 20 am 1 fully restored. However, 21 days, 22 days, v-mobile bicycle reservation vehicle is unlocked abnormal, payment, fee knot problems still occur. The user after locking the car still charging 21 day at 7:20 in the morning, Ms. Gao went to Hulan Road subway station departure from home, because she was very close, riding a bicycle Mobell downstairs in the past. Less than 10 minutes, Ms. Gao went to the subway station, locked the car and then on the subway. In accordance with the v-mobile bicycle every half hour to 1 yuan accounting standards, should be in the locked the car after a few minutes automatically from Ms. Gao account for 1 yuan. Oddly enough, 3 hours later, Ms. Gao’s account is not over yet. Helpless, she clicks the v-mobile bike APP the lower right corner of the red exclamation point, reported the bicycle lock fault. Not long, v-mobile bicycle told Ms. Gao received a notice, although accounting anomalies, but still according to the normal billing account will receive confirmation after recovery using lock. This means that before the lock confirmation, Ms. Gao can again use v-mobile bikes, but also do not know what time to be confirmed. About 11:30, Ms. Gao received Mobell bicycle chargeback notification 9 yuan, showing high lady riding time is 4 hours and 7 minutes. Ms. Gao can only look at the cost of 1 yuan from the original deal to become a $9. Lock the car is still billing, more than one user encountered a similar situation. Friends sofar lock the car when riding 20 minutes, the last button took time to become a mere 38 minutes. Another netizen Diao commander showed him the night riding account for 23 hours 45 minutes. User contact customer service "not easy", Ms. Gao repeatedly call the v-mobile bicycle customer service call tingtongli response is busy out. It is reported that the evening of 19 Mobell cycling system failure, the complaints focused on a large number of users, but is not contact customer service personnel. The v-mobile bicycle APP software, in addition to "bicycle fault" online complaints, if users want to get in touch with the platform, the software settings and contact telephone number and email Mobell bicycle. 21 afternoon, the reporter tried to call the v-mobile 4001026180 phone, the first two are waiting for more than and 10 minutes after the break only became busy, customer service calls to third. Three or four times to unlock no Yin people living in Xuhui District near the success of Mr. Luo Road, in response to the "Car Free Day" green travel call, specially at 8 yesterday morning appointment a Mobell bike, ready to ride to work. Mr. Yin told reporters that he is usually about 8:30 to drive to the unit, about 15 minutes by car. Because it is a bike to work, on the safe side, I went out half an hour in advance, but I went to the door of the cell, obviously I am located in the vicinity of APP bike, but never found a bike. I also specially went to the area inside look, did not find the bike, no way I will cancel this car, and immediately booked an empty car across the street)相关的主题文章: