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Red net and angels gathered in Victoria Secret lineup released secret annual show 52 supermodel list – Sohu entertainment Vitoria secret show Sohu entertainment news Vitoria released all 52 supermodel list list, divided into four categories. The 12 Angel members, in addition to these angels outside two pink series advertising model and 21 regular guest supermodel will debut, and finally the 17 New Victoria Secret supermodel. 12 angels from this year’s official website exposure of the 12 angels to see, they are: Adriana, Alessandra, Lily, Elsa, Jasmine, Josephine, Lais, Martha, Romee, Sara, Stellal, Taylor. The two place to be absent is Behati and Candice, because they have just become a mother. After 90 angels wearing Fantasy Bra in these 12 angels in the most fortunate than Jasmine Tookes, because this year the most expensive, worth $3 million Bra is worn by her. It is reported that Jasmine Tookes was born on 1991, in the last year to become an angel, started in 2012 for the Victoria’s Secret show. In addition to the new angel, two of the most senior supermodel Adriana and Alessandra still appear in the list, the two in the former Adriana Lima in 1999, and Victoria Secret signing, Alessandra Ambrosio signed in 2005. Currently in their tenure, Adriana Lima through three Fantasy Bra, while the number of Alessandra Ambrosio is the two. It is interesting that in 2014 two to join the show, and at the same time in the year was Bra. 21 Victoria Secret Supermodel throughout the 21 regular routine visiting guest supermodel, we see in this red hot Gigi and sister Kim Kendall Jenner, as the two in the social network with millions of fans of the network red, their presence will also see the Victoria Secret network for idol’s attention. In addition to the previously and Victoria Secret contracts expire, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls and supermodel sister continue to appear, it seems the network will start with the traditional red supermodel supermodel a battle. 17 New Victoria Secret Supermodel T Taiwan as the year’s most important, many girl want to go on the stage, after Toronto interview, there were 17 girls first on the Victoria’s secret show this year. This is the 52 year of Victoria’s Secret model list!! Looking forward to the wonderful show in November 30th.相关的主题文章: