Regulators on the inhibition of private funds to carry out self correction activities industry

Regulators on the "inhibition" of private funds to carry out self correction activities sina finance industry App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ao Xiaobo) on long-term in a "free state of the private equity fund will once again usher in the supervision of overweight. The face exposed a series of private events such as lost, Chinese Fund Industry Association announced yesterday, the whole industry to carry out self correction activities comprehensively. Until the end of September. It is understood that the private equity fund to carry out self correction including weak publicity promotion, to qualified investors to raise funds, private equity funds and other non business run high frequent, repeated and funds safety and operation compliance. Self time issued since the date of this notice to the end of September. After the end of self-examination, the fund industry association will check related private equity fund managers regularly the implementation of the rectification, the private sector is more serious, problem of self-examination and rectification is not in place, the recurrence of the problem, the new risk of new problems, the association will take further regulatory measures. Suspected illegal, the association will be promptly transferred to the regulatory authorities to deal with. For this reason to carry out self correction activities, Chinese Fund Industry Association official said, according to the Commission in two special inspection, part of the private equity fund managers compliance awareness is weak, illegal events, private equity fund industry should be a check found that private equity fund managers problem should be timely implementation of the rectification, other private equity fund managers to carry out self correction activities, key aspects of risk further investigation institutions may exist, to strengthen the internal management of private institutions, strengthen law consciousness and awareness of compliance, regulations to carry out the business of private equity funds. August 19th, the Commission has just informed the first half of 2016, private equity fund special inspection law enforcement. Among them, 4 private institutions suspected of illegal fund-raising and illegal operation of securities business; 6 private institutions have promised guaranteed insurance benefits, misappropriation or embezzlement of funds, property, funds and assets of the fund with fictitious investment projects to defraud money and other serious illegal behavior, against the interests of investors; 65 private institutions are public offering, according to the contract agreed property, trust fund investment direction does not comply with the contract, the fee charged does not comply with the contract, according to the information disclosure, practitioners of securities private institutions without qualification of general contract violations. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: