Reminder the Russian Kazan tournament 4 straight race home court favorable stamina didadi

Russian reminder: prediction and analysis of the tournament 4 straight race Kazan home court [Russia] good stamina Super Soccer. Vs Moscow locomotive start time: 2016-11-01 00:30 injury report. Indisponibili: Ruslan Kamau Boff (defender defensive midfielder), base Ziming (guard) ban: Cactus (midfielder), Defender (sambrano Moscow) locomotive indisponibili: Dmitri Tara Borisov (defensive midfielder), Igor – Potter, Kim (forward attacking midfielder doubtful): Dimitri Barinov (midfielder) of hunting ball.?  . Before this season 10 games recorded 3 wins 3 flat 5 negative, behind in the standings eleventh.  ?. after the beginning of the season 5 even be, the state began to pick up, but play is still unstable, nearly 6 league wins the non negative, the last round away 1-3 defeat to Grozny terek. ?   interesting is the team nearly 3 victories are all in the home court, and scored to 2 tablets, the recent home court in good condition. Since the 6 round of home court only a defeat, but only a loss, the home court scored 10 goals in league scoring third team home court.  ?; in the week in the Russian cup 18 matches, most of the main battle against a Russian home court. The middle team Don Nazia, after forty-fourth minutes of each other. A few dozen people, still failed to break the other door, until the overtime win 1-0, thrilling promotion.  ?. the race home court recently made 4 in a row, but opponents generally weak. However, the team in the week of the Russian cup competition than the Moscow train one day earlier, and the team is a continuous home game, the player less physical exertion. Moscow locomotive?   locomotive Moscow this season zhanba 11 recorded 2 wins 6 flat 3 negative, behind in the standings tenth. ?   the last round of the league, Moscow locomotive home court 1-0 to beat the defending champion CSKA Moscow, made the first home court victory this season, the team morale. Then in the week in the Russian Cup they visit 3-1 victory over the Soviet follow up a victory with hot pursuit, wings, successful promotion. Locomotive won the two game winning streak, the morale is quite strong.  , but it is worth noting that, in addition to the 3 goals scored in the Russian cup, the train in the last round of the league has only about 2 goals, the fire situation is worrying about the 6. And the team’s recent League 3 away even at the same time a ball not into.  ?; this game, Moscow locomotive challenge. On one track, locomotive, nearly 9 times in all competitions. Visit recorded 1 wins 3 flat 5 negative, away at a disadvantage, the last time the League last season away 1-3 defeat. The ball game data.?   nearly 3 Russian super events.相关的主题文章: