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Rest at home is abortion, really good luck? Xinya health – Sohu this year 27 years old, and her husband married for two years, last year for nearly a year before pregnancy, there was good news, when chatting with me to say when you see the pregnancy test two bars, is really excited to tears in their eyes. But the good news has not been two days, she came to tell me that the child is gone, abortion, especially sad. But she is very puzzled, it is very careful, that immediately after pregnancy, tocolysis please the holiday at home, everyone in the family to serve her, what chores do not let dry, she just felt the stomach has been a little faint ache, no bleeding, the doctor is asked to go to the hospital rest, watch it, and no special examination and prescription. Then suddenly one day, she suddenly on the toilet, no pain, better blood rushing stream. Family rushed to the hospital, do check found that there is no embryo in the uterus. The doctor comforted her, this is the result of natural elimination, the embryo itself is not good, it is possible to be young, good health, good support, the child will have. But ya is very sad, she even gave the baby belly like a good name. When in the lobby of the hospital and husband to pay, and listen to the side of a pregnant mother said before the current two times, this is the third time, very worried about habitual abortion, may be really hard to be pregnant, even if pregnant will stay. Ya hear was scared to call me almost incoherent on the way back. I let her take a rest, take her back to study, understand, why well naturally miscarried? Spontaneous abortion is the incidence of total pregnancy is 10%-15% a common phenomenon of spontaneous abortion. Spontaneous abortion caused by a natural state (not for purposes) is called spontaneous abortion. The so-called spontaneous abortion refers to less than 28 weeks of pregnancy, fetal weight of less than 1000g and termination of pregnancy. Usually occurs within 3 months of pregnancy, known as early spontaneous abortion. 3 months after the occurrence of late spontaneous abortion. It is estimated that in all human pregnancy, most embryos in implantation soon after the development stopped, some women may never feel pregnant, just feel aunt aunt too much or to postpone. Here alone to say a word, biochemical pregnancy, the fertilized egg is not returned to the uterus, or for what reason is not in the womb to blood, can be detected in the increase of HCG, also can check out the pregnancy test was positive, but the ultrasonic examination is to see the gestational sac, can be expressed as menstrual quantity or delay. Spontaneous abortion symptoms in 1 postmenopausal vaginal bleeding: 3 months before pregnancy abortion, the decidua and villus separation, sinus open, so the early abortion had vaginal bleeding symptoms, and the amount of bleeding after abortion; pregnancy in March, the placenta has been formed, and the early abortion process of similar production, fetal after the expulsion of placenta, generally small amount of bleeding. 2 postmenopausal abdominal pain: early abortion vaginal bleeding after the initial blood retained in the uterine cavity, especially blood clot, stimulate uterine contraction, showing persistent abdominal!相关的主题文章: