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Press-Releases Thanks to comparison sites, broadband, TV and telephone companies have over the years offered new customers better deals but not everyone is aware of what these deals are. Companies such as Sky and Virgin are more than happy to let new customers know about good deals on their broadband and telephone packages but when it comes to current customers, there seems to have taken the vow of silence. According to Freepricecompare.com over the last ten years the cost of mobile, landline and broadband packages has fallen, giving customers a faster and clearer service for less, but not everyone is experiencing that and with the providers more than happy to keep up with their vow of silence, some customers are still paying high prices when their next door neighbours could be paying a much lower fee for the same services. In 2014 71% of the population have a broadband connection with many of these customers staying with their current provider for many years and not using a comparison site to check for lower bills. This means that people in the same street could be paying different prices for their broadband due to not understanding they can within minutes check for a better deal. Broadband companies are relying on their customers not changing supplier, if you phone up for a better deal you will have no joy, they do not want to lower their profits by telling you that new customers are paying much less than you are and that is where Freepricecompare.com comes in. Instead of paying for expensive broadband bills, you could be saving yourself money by comparing what all the broadband providers are offering and you may even get a faster broadband service. We are sending 128 billion texts on our mobile phones each year but how many people are paying for their text messages and how many people have used a comparison site to check if they can send free text messages, the answer should be everyone but unfortunately mobile phone users are wasting their money and paying for services that should be free with a new mobile phone package. Broadband, telephone and TV providers are not fans of comparison sites, they know by using Freepricecompare.com that customers have a voice, they have a voice to say we are no longer paying high bills and we want to change our provider. If you have not compared your broadband, TV and telephone packages to other service providers then now is the time to do it, why pay more than your neighbour when you could get a better deal through .Freeprice.pare.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: