Rouge TV series nineteenth, episode plot notice episode of the whole episode of the introduct

"Rouge" TV series nineteenth, Episode 20 preview   45 set plot is introduced to the finale – Anhui Channel – Rouge thirteenth set introduced Mena reconstruction dead father contacts patriotic soldiers leaving friends on the front the Japanese stronghold to the occupation of Shanghai, in order to maintain the post-war situation, Aoki started going to build super high class Chinese members of the management, and to enable the innocent Feng Manna, behind the scenes by Zhou Yuhao operation. Aoki will also original Feng Zixiong Zhang Xiang and Jialun men are enabled, intends to send Mena Feng Zixiong to spy network re enabled, we have to start from the Western scorpion. Mena asked the mission with Zhou Yu Hao, Aoki agreed. Zhou Yuhao did not want Mena to participate in bloody espionage work, but also knew that she had no choice, agreed to fight with her. As Jialun entered the casino near the nickname bye scorpions, Mena then stepped forward, first with the beauty and close to the threat of the use of force, make good cooperation with you. Watanabe looked at Zhou Yuhao again and again the meritorious, think this person is a trustworthy person. But on that suspicious Aoki always burnt a hole in the stamp doubt unceasingly, plus the shadow really seen the death of Feng Zixiong, Zhou Yuhao is also very suspicious of. (commissioning editor Liu Ying and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: