RSC club was established and the first Roewe car owners pay Dongchang imjpmig

RSC club was established and the first batch of Roewe Dongchang owners delivery in September 10, 2016, the inaugural meeting of the world club RSC in Shanghai City, Pudong New Area Long Island Road No. 860 (Shanghai Dongchang Roewe new energy) was held. The scene there were hundreds of Roewe RX5 owners or owners of the scene. Shanghai Dongchang Roewe supports the club set up specially for all owners and prospective owners are ready to high-quality environment and elegant gift. Shanghai Dongchang Roewe on August 2016 officially set up shop is Dongchang group effort to build brand Roewe automobile 4S shop, has complete functions, advanced equipment and luxurious facilities, full taste, technology, elegant style. Here, you can have the charm in addition to contain more elegant car, will experience Car Buying, insurance, consulting, customer service and so on a series of value-added services. The event, the organizers for registration to participate in the activities of the owners and prospective owners for rich programs, and special activities gift! Which includes: 1, a year, a year 2 tire insurance Shanghai free Trailer 3, with a 4 Roewe gold package, VIP customer service preferential 5, Shanghai first VIP car right limit 30 (whether you in Shanghai the 4S shop car, ensure that before September 30th car, plus lights except and by the SAIC Motor District manager personally coordinated car) and in addition, the site of the car’s prospective owners a chance to draw Thailand hotel accommodation free travel (ticket self-care) gift. At the same time, car activities also announced that as the world club member, Shanghai Dongchang Roewe new energy will support a VIP station, reduce the maintenance of the queuing troubles. Any member of the RSC site, the world club administrators also led the club to visit Shanghai Dongchang Roewe shop exclusive station. At the same time, Roewe technician and Dongchang technical director also answered the riders for RX5 queries. The day of the event, held the first batch of Roewe RX5 owners delivery ceremony. Shanghai Dongchang Roewe new energy is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area Long Island Road No. 860, overall company covers an area of 4055 square meters, construction area of 2604 square meters, from the beginning of the consumer into the store, will fully enjoy the intimate one on a British butler service, sales consultant to recommend suitable models and your configuration, and can test drive experience Roewe car technology and driving experience. Shanghai Dongchang Roewe new energy 4S shop will be adhering to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development service, wholeheartedly for every customer to create your own perfect Car Buying tour, and provide full free services. Sales Hotline: 021-68600001相关的主题文章: