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Samsung mobile phone intelligent pattern of post crisis triggered deduction – Sohu of Wenshui science and technology brother when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone explosion recall continues on the occasion, this seems to influence and intelligent mobile phone market situation after the global change is particularly concerned about the industry. After the news that the Samsung crisis is a major positive for its main rival Apple Corp, iPhone 7 is the best proof of the opening hot again; and another foreign media quoted industry insiders believe that the Apple Corp did not account for cheap, because users from Samsung mobile phone to iPhone need to adapt to a new operating system. A variety of points of view at a time. Why Samsung crisis will cause the global intelligent mobile phone industry pattern toward speculation and hot, it is based on two points: first, Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturers of intelligent mobile phone market share; second, in the global smart mobile phone two camps An Zhuohe iOS competition, Samsung is the former leader and main. It is undeniable that in the field of science and technology, major part in such a huge and strong young arrogant suddenly lost, will cause incalculable losses and the impact on the entire industry, and after the pattern of the market will also be the corresponding deduction and change. This is based on the experience of the predecessors and historical considerations. The explosion occurred before the door, Samsung this disk is a breeze. The Galaxy S7 S7 Edge issued at the beginning of a stride forward singing militant songs, shipments of 77 million to achieve 5.5% growth, occupy 22.4% of the global share, while gains 2016Q2 revenue of $45 billion 200 million to a two-year success, the most bright earnings. The other situation is a Apple Corp such as winter is coming, when Apple reported quarter revenue of $42 billion 400 million fell 15%, net profit fell 27%, iPhone sales over the same period last year reduced for 10 million 800 thousand. The performance of Apple’s weakness due to its years of constant product window had concentrated all of Android offensive faction, coupled with Samsung in product innovation to catch up with the hardware on pins and needles, catch the iPhone 7 and Note 7 before the release is more like a knife inserted into Apple’s main backyard. Now Note 7 bombing, the release of iPhone 7 sales, apple can have mixed feelings. Question 1: Samsung events benefit apple? According to Bloomberg news, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a safety warning and global aviation authorities banned the use of Note7 in the plane, investors panic selling, resulting in market capitalization in September 9th, Samsung 12 within two days of serious shrink. But then this situation eased, Samsung shares tend to rebound. Although the apple iPhone 7 7Plus opening sales, but according to the relevant data show that the first week sales did not achieve on a generation of product 6S breakthrough. Overall, the price of 5900rmb Note 7 is Samsung’s latest flagship product, positioning high-end models, aimed at benchmarking apple iPhone 7Plus. N1相关的主题文章: