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Sanya new regulations: outside the building facade will be allowed to change — Hainan Channel – October 9th, Jiefang Road facade renovation demonstration section of a new look, the arcade style bright. Reporter Sun Qing taken before the six session of the Seventy-eighth municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the "Sanya architectural style management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). According to reports, the approach is mainly applicable to the scope of urban and rural planning in Sanya new construction, renovation, expansion projects and construction projects have been built style management. The responsibilities of the relevant functional departments are clarified, and the responsibilities of the construction units and design units are proposed. The "measures" requirements, architectural style should reflect the natural and cultural characteristics of the local natural environment, the formation and coordination of city landscape, to meet the location of the detailed planning control, the relevant requirements and in accordance with the seven aspects of architectural style, shape, form, color, material, combination of architectural elements and architectural features etc.. For example, in the form of architecture, should be coordinated with the surrounding environment, the formation of a beautiful city skyline. In the seaside, riverside, hillside and commercial streets on both sides of the region to encourage the use of the back desk design. For the approved project, the construction unit should be carried out in accordance with the approved construction drawings related to architectural style, may not be changed without authorization, if it is necessary to change the project construction style, should be re submitted for approval according to the procedure, namely, expert review, solicit the views of interested parties, and submitted to the Municipal Urban Planning Committee approval of change. Building facade should regularly clean, tidy and beautiful color, and intact; Wailimian fade, breakage of the building property units or property shall be in accordance with the original facade color painting, repair. Not to carry out construction projects approved by the architectural style, not through the completion of the construction project planning check; alter the facades of buildings or other colors, by the comprehensive administrative law enforcement departments in accordance with the "Hainan province urban planning regulations" the relevant provisions, shall be ordered to make corrections, and impose a fine of not less than 50 thousand yuan 10 thousand. (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: