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UnCategorized Moving house can be a very exciting time but with so much to organise and do sometimes you can forget about important things like security. It is essential to take some simple precautions to avoid a victim of crime and having your move ruined by potential thieves. When looking for a new home you should do a bit of research into crime statistics for a local area. You can ask the estate agent, landlord or previous tenant for their opinion but always do your own research to ensure you get the full picture. Look around the property for signs of a previous break-in and make a note of any weak spots that you feel need addressing to improve the security of the property. If you have any questions or requests in regards to the security of the property, then now is the time to raise them when something can be done before you move in. When it .es to packing, although it is re.mended to start well in advance be aware that if a burglar got access to your property they may find it easier to steal things in boxes rather than individually. Therefore, you should take steps to avoid making it obvious that you are moving or indeed have just moved in. Keep boxes out of view from windows where prying eyes may spot them. When it .es to moving always make sure that you or someone trusted keeps an eye on your belongings. Never leave a van unattended with goods inside as someone could help themselves or worse still steal the van with all your belongings. Also when loading a van, ensure that someone remains on the property to keep an eye on what is inside. If you are making several trips from one property to another then try and have at least person at each property to ensure that your packed belongings are never left unattended. If the van you are using is to be left for any period of time then ensure that it is properly secured and that the keys are never left in the ignition – not even for just a few seconds. A waiting thief will take and use any opportunity to steal your belongings. If using a removal .pany then get assurances that the van will not be left unattended or unsecured and if you have any concerns during the move then raise them immediately – it could be too late to .plain later! Also ensure that you have the proper insurance to cover your move. You will want the cover to include the move from the old property to the new property, and then for your time at your new property. Cover can include breakages and damage along the way but most importantly you’ll want to cover theft before, during and after the actual move. Once you have arrived at your new home, do your best to make it too obvious that you have just moved in by avoiding leaving boxes in the view of prying eyes. Try to unpack as soon as possible and take steps to improve the security of your property and your belongings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: