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Shanghai Disney park expansion: add a new "Toy Story" – Sohu news officially opened yet over half a year, the Shanghai Disney park will be built. Today, the Shanghai Disney resort news release, "Toy Story" in woody, Buzz Lightyear and all their friends will soon be in Shanghai park has a new home for visitors to bring infinite joy. "Toy Story" will become the seventh theme park in Shanghai Disney park. Recently, the cooperative enterprise of both shareholders – The Walt Disney Company and Shanghai Shen Di Group senior "Toy Story" Park ground foundation, the new park shows that cooperation between the two sides on the theme of Chinese entertainment consumer demand growing confidence, but also demonstrates the successful beginning of the Shanghai Disney resort since the opening of the. The chairman of Walt Disney parks and resorts Bao Zhengbo (Bob Chapek) said: "we are opening operation for more than four months is very satisfied with the Shanghai Disney Park, for we are full of expectations in the future development of the China. The new "Toy Story" Park groundbreaking and fully demonstrates our confidence. This new park will continue to uphold the "authentic Disney, have a unique style China wind" concept, in the future continue to create unlimited joy for tourists." "Toy Story" park will present a bustling world, a riot of colours. Here, visitors will feel as if to narrow the "Toy Story" in the film’s favorite toy size, full of laughter spent time in the heroine Andy garden. The toys were given life, and played in a completely immersive park. The park includes three new rides and a unique theme area to meet with Disney. Shanghai Shen Di Group Chairman Fan Xiping said: "since the opening in June of this year, the Shanghai Disney Park operation smooth and orderly, tourists enthusiasm rising, the community reacted positively, it gives us great confidence. The release of the "Toy Story" Park, is a park in the expansion project, the two sides will continue to partner to launch more new products and experience, to meet the needs of tourists at home and abroad." The role and story of the toy story series has always been popular with Chinese tourists. Shanghai Disney resort has the world’s only a toy story themed Resort Hotel, in addition to Shanghai Disney Park "Buzz Lightyear Astro rescue" rides with the most advanced global Disney theme park in the Buzz Lightyear sighting system, favored by tourists. The general manager of the Shanghai Disney resort Guo Weicheng (Philippe Gas) said: "Walter · Mr. Disney once said, as long as there is still the world’s imagination, all of the Disney park are not completed, and will continue to grow. We are very pleased to be able to bring the same imagination and optimism to Shanghai, and look forward to working with Chinese tourists continue to develop our resort. It is a good time to visit the Disney resort in Shanghai and experience the magical charm of Disney." It is reported that the new "Toy Story" Park plans to 2018.相关的主题文章: