Shanghai taxi industry reform draft publicity 8 hot spots

Shanghai taxi industry reform draft publicity 8 hot issues of the original title: [] authority issued to deepen the reform of the taxi industry, efforts to standardize the operation of the market order, the managing public taxi industry reform three file draft "on the city to deepen reform and promote the healthy development of the taxi industry, the implementation of opinions" "Shanghai city network booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)" and "on the norms of the private minibus carpool travel implementation opinions" three documents, leading up to October 21st in Shanghai Chinese portal, the Municipal Transportation Commission website to solicit comments from the public. The city will focus on building including cruise taxi (traditional taxi) and car rental reservation network diversity, diversity and quality of travel service system, to clear about the car and refined net net about car driver qualifications, and regulate the carpool, operation safety and protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers. Under the guidance of national policy, the taxi industry reform combined with the actual Shanghai, to adhere to the bus priority development strategy for the premise, to reform and innovation, overall planning, according to specifications, passengers for this "as the basic principle, to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry, focus on building including cruise taxi (traditional taxi, hereinafter referred to as parade car and taxi booking network) (hereinafter referred to as the network about cars) diversity, diversity and quality of travel service system. "The location for the taxi industry development advice", the power of management, improvement of management system, operation mode change, price mechanism, evaluation of service quality, as well as network about cars and private minibus carpool the development put forward relevant measures target. "Certain provisions" in the national seven ministries jointly issued the "online booking taxi management service management procedures" on the basis, combined with the actual city, adhere to the "management according to law, green environmental protection, safe operation, fair competition, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers" principle, the main contents are discussed in detail. Among them, on the net about car platform company, the provisions of the platform company should have online and offline service ability of the enterprise legal person, not registered in the city platform companies should set up branches in the city; network service platform data management department should access the city traffic administrative industry supervision platform, take responsibility of the carrier. Refinement clear network about vehicle qualification. In the state of network application about car service vehicle shall comply with the following 7 seat and passenger cars, to meet the operational safety standards and related facilities and equipment installation, vehicle registration, reservation for nature rental passenger service life for 8 years, based on the provisions, the city intends to add network about cars in the city should register to the city. The provisions can be registered vehicle emission standards, fuel vehicle wheelbase reached 2700 mm or more, the new energy vehicle wheelbase reached 2650 mm or more, insurance business insurance business intercourse, third party liability insurance and passenger accident insurance conditions. Refinement clear about car driver qualification. The provisions of the state network about car driver shall comply with the following provisions: obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license, and has more than 3 years of driving experience; no traffic accident;相关的主题文章: