Shanghai to take the high-speed rail to Kunming only more than 10 hours of the 3 day up to day (vide

Shanghai to take the high-speed rail to Kunming only 10 hours 3 days up to speed to the day yesterday, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Railway Bureau, since at 0:00 on January 5, 2017, the national railway will implement a new train diagram. One of the highlights is the opening of the Shanghai Kunming railway, the Yangtze River Delta to Kunming CDB 7 pairs of high-speed rail, the future of Shanghai to just more than 10 hours. After the transfer plan, the total number of passenger trains scheduled for 898 pairs, of which EMU trains on the 633, the new operating chart of the passenger car to open a record high. "" "related news: next year the new train diagram: Shanghai to Kunming high speed rail only 10 hours and 36 minutes to open 11 new bus on the transfer map and make full use of new and existing capabilities, to further optimize the passenger train plan. 11 on the opening of the new bus, across the board has 8, including Shanghai Hongqiao, Nanjing South – Kunming south of Shanghai 2, Hongqiao – Pingxiang, Xuzhou – Guiyang North East North and south of Beijing – Shangqiu, Guangzhou – Bengbu south, Xiamen South – Hangzhou East, Fuzhou South – Nanjing south of the 1; the new administration to open 3 pairs of passenger trains, including the Nanjing South – Cangnan, Hangzhou – Cangnan, Hefei – Anqing east of the 1. Another adjustment across the board in the passenger train section 17 of the passenger train, within the jurisdiction of section 6 of the passenger train, change across the board by 13.5 to promote, inter bureau level 1 passenger trains on line 5 on the train, the peak adjustment. The 3 day of the day Shanghai speed to Kunming high-speed railway from Guiyang to Kunming section of the early opening of the iron will arrange CDB 7 pairs of high-speed rail, which added 2 open, extended running section 5 of the Yangtze River Delta region to Kunming has direct access to high-speed rail, and from the original general speed line of high speed to 3 the day of iron. Which runs from Shanghai to Kunming will be the original general speed line 35 hours and 34 minutes to shrink to 10 hours and 36 minutes. It is worth noting that the new implementation date and the opening date is not the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail segment Guikun, authoritative news specific time issued by the railway company and the relevant railway administration official website, WeChat, micro-blog and other platforms prevail. – adjustment diagram – add 2 pairs of passenger trains in Shanghai, Hongqiao – Kunming South G1375 G1374 1; Nanjing South – Kunming South G1379 G1380 1 on the extension of running section 5 in Ji’nan West – Guiyang North G285 G286 times of 1, extended to Ji’nan West – Kunming south; Shanghai Hongqiao – Huaihua South G1371 G1376 in 1, Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming South extension; Shanghai Hongqiao – Changsha South G1343 G1358 1 on, extends the Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming south, at the same time, trips to G1373 G1372 times; Nanjing South – Guiyang North G1325 times of 0.5, extended to Nanjing South – South Kunming; Guiyang North – Shanghai Hongqiao G1324 0.5 on the extension of Kunming, South – South of Nanjing, G1325 G1324 trips to G1377 G1378 times; Hangzhou East – Huaihua South G1421 G1422 times of 1, extended to Hangzhou East – Kunming south. "" "Shanghai today recommended: cold air strikes the morning minimum temperature only C temperature and rainfall affect traffic 200 meters of unknown obstacles now Shanghai port in the Yangtze river drifting problem Apple mobile phone)相关的主题文章: