Show it to my sister! You can’t say anything when you fight-clazziquai

Show it to my sister! When the quarrel can never say what if it is in the anime, then both male and female quarrel scene how fierce, will eventually make up. But in reality, it is possible to say a few words at once, resulting in two people’s feelings completely finished. In order to avoid such a thing, recently, Japanese media wrote an introduction to "never say anything when quarrelling." let’s see. – even if you are not the same! Because women have stronger memories than men, they remember men’s past failures or complaints. In this case, it’s very easy to shake out the old rotten millet in the quarrel, which is very dangerous. Especially the kind of "you didn’t do anything in the past."!" The argument is not simply quarrel, but unilaterally denounced each other. In this way, men can’t control their emotions. I want to go back! If it is a quarrel on the date, so often feel looked at each other’s face is very funny, so say that. If men say back, "you go."!" Well, it might not be a problem, but if he understood, "never want to see your face again", then it might be a real two shot. So even if you fight, don’t go back as soon as possible, and try to resolve the conflict on the day. My ex – don’t say so! If you want to add fuel to the fire, nothing is more lethal than "your boyfriend is different.". Men don’t want to be compared with their boyfriends at any time, especially if they talk about their boyfriends before losing their arguments. It’s like "the former boyfriend doesn’t do it." "the former boyfriend understands me better." but it’s absolute minefield. – break up! If you say such a thing when you quarrel, then the other party will also immediately respond to "breaking up and breaking up"? In this way, it is really possible to lead to an irreversible situation. And once it is said, even after the event regret, it is difficult to open up, after all, has been completely deadlocked…… Here are some words that should not be said even when quarrelling. Because once you lose your senses and say something that you shouldn’t say, then it’s really irreversible. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works