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Reference-and-Education A wise man had once said that if you teach a child to read, you make him literate, but if you educate him you make him a man. We at Ignite Tuition Centre believe in just that. It is not sufficient to make the child read and write well. The true essence of education lies in creating a fertile plane for his individuality to grow on. Unfortunately, only a few Singapore tuition agencies truly believe in this philosophy. With the growing competition, parents want their children to graduate with top grades. Lets face it how many students in regular schools are paid individual attention to? Only a few! This is why most students lose their focus and fall prey to bad grades. As a leading tuition Singapore agency, we proceed much beyond the normal conventions of basic teaching. We take it as a personal duty to make sure no child is left behind. That is why we have designed a special curriculum to help children make the most of their Singapore tuition experience. Our curriculum is a wonderful blend of easy and difficult, theory and interactivity. Our special classes are designed to be simple to follow yet effective. Once a child has availed of our tuition Singapore services, there is no way that he will not be able to grasp a subject. We believed that fostering a considerate learning environment encourages students to take interest in lessons. That is why our teachers aim at making the lessons increasingly interactive. Strong primary learning foundation plays a crucial role in sustaining the teachings on a high-school and collegiate level. At Ignite Tuition Centre, we aim at creating a strong basis for learning. Unlike other Singapore tuition agencies we do not believe in tall talks. We conduct regular examinations to assess each childs progress. Our compact yet highly interactive and comfortable classrooms let us focus on every child, and handle their problems. This also fosters a harmonious learning environment as there are fewer instances of competitive behavior. Our motto as a leading tuition Singapore service is to bring out self-improvement method rather than allotting fancy grades. Most students experience problems when they reach the junior collegiate level. This is due to the change in teaching methods. In most collegiate schools giving lectures is the most common method adopted for teaching. We introduce this traditional practice early to help students adapt and pick up the learning nuances quickly. This gives our students the edge above others. Our questionnaires and examination materials are at par with the leading competitive national examinations. We believe that practice results in perfection. This shows in our teaching methods too. Nothing regales us more than watching our students succeed on educational levels. The teachers at Ignite Tuition Centre are highly qualified and trained to guide students in the most innovative yet structural manner. Our teachers are hired after a grueling selection process. We understand that a childs education is a matter of serious concern. Thus we only hire the best to make sure the experience never gets marred. Enroll your child and experience the difference. We guarantee that it will be the best decision you make for your childs education. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: