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Grid small happiness – Sohu MAKING Grid Moodboard grid plate or the love grid, because it is fresh, it is changeable, but also because it is never out of date. As a senior "grid control, pure appreciation has been unable to meet our favorite on it, today to begin to build a own grid plate can not wait to rain. This is not only a very interesting assembly daily small accessories, can also be through different pendant bring you life inspiration, do what you want, "the spontaneous tool steps start to use the first need a suitable grid size, recommended IKEA BARSÖ grid, with it; the two grid (pictured above), they can be spliced into a larger grid. A lot of the grid was originally black, if you want it to be fused with your walls, you can paint it white with white paint. Long as the proper color spraying grid, to hang it up. At this time need a set of screws, tool shop to buy very convenient. Generally only use a screw can be suspended grid, but if you want to place the object is relatively heavy, you can use a screw to fix. "The two step project just completed more than half of the grid, beautify the weather plate moment! The original home of the small black hook you feel ugly, can come in handy! Scissors, ruler, office supplies all can hang up. And a god! The binder, or small wooden clamp, folder on your pee sign, or even a small notebook to do their own, really feel! Finished, began to beautify long collocation plants, life is full of fresh air. The favorite motto frame hanging next to the grid, it seems very harmonious, work and study is positive energy. "Whether the lives of two people, or a person’s life, are full of small taste. A small hook to hold up the clapboard, placing books is very convenient. In a postscript on hand, it’s not that hard to imagine, just two or three steps to show everyone to the pursuit of quality of life, small area can make a little bit of happiness magnified many times. We just hope, not what is the housekeeper, can be in their own way, to record the beauty of life.相关的主题文章: