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How beautiful the pelvic floor muscle how maternal pregnancy, pet – Sohu production is almost the only way which must be passed every female life, however, is the birth or cesarean section, pelvic floor function will be affected by different degree of damage, discipline, thereby affecting the health of the quality of life and body. Now, more and more young mothers began to pay attention to postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation. In fact, prenatal prevention is also important. In November 5th, the Jilin state health maternity hospital, state health good mother teach pregnant management school class teacher Zhao Xiaomeng explained on the pelvic floor maintenance knowledge to everyone, and one to one guidance, so that mothers do a delicate and beautiful woman. What is the female pelvic floor muscle, how much "the beginning of the course Zhao Xiaomeng teacher through the dynamic picture vividly describes the basic structure for pregnant mothers of female pelvic angles, and from the front and side views let pregnant mother know the shape and function of pelvic floor. With the popularization of knowledge and pelvic floor muscle for everyone the physiological function and the pathogenesis of pelvic floor, also with vivid examples for all the parents more clearly understand the reason of relaxation of the pelvic floor, out of the misunderstanding will loose birth. The injured pelvic floor muscle end will affect what Zhao pointed out: "whether is the birth or caesarean section, pregnancy and delivery process of female pelvic floor function will cause varying degrees of damage, because of childbirth will head the conception of pelvic floor extrusion, pelvic elongation, muscle tension, the occurrence of pelvic floor denervation, connective tissue the connection between the separate changes. This has led to the relaxation of pelvic floor muscles, supporting the urethra, bladder and other organs of the pelvic floor muscle damage." Female pelvic floor muscles like a hammock, once the supporting force decreased, elastic damage will have a serious impact. If no repair and postpartum care can have a reasonable basin dysfunction, manifested as pelvic organ prolapse (POP), stress urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction. So, the mother to prevent pelvic floor relaxation training during pregnancy, pelvic floor muscle can enhance the toughness, can not only promote the postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation, the contraction of the vagina, prevent urinary incontinence, can also increase the risk of birth, postpartum help quickly restore body.相关的主题文章: