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Health Are you suffering from any chronic pain or ache? Are you feeling stressed out lately? Considering massage therapy as an integral part of our wellness or treatment program can benefit your immensely. A range of massage styles are practiced, which entail a wide variety of movements, pressure and techniques. It involves rubbing, pressing and manipulation of tender tissues and muscles. Read to discover the benefits of this therapeutic treatment. Pain Management One of the most common reasons people consider massage therapy is to alleviate pain. Whether it is a chronic pain, an acute pain or a strange and stubborn ache, it is the key to relieve pain in an noninvasive way. This holistic technique provides pain relief through muscle relaxation, applied pressure and boosting blood circulation and improves range of motion. It should be noted that persistent low back pain, also called lumbago is treated with massage techniques. The pressure applied on the trigger points with varying intensity relieves muscle spasms and soothes low back pain. Promotes Blood Circulation Massage therapy stimulates lymphatic systems and increases blood flow. When adequate pressure is applied and muscles get stimulated, the circulatory system pumps oxygen and nutrients into organs and tissues. Increased flow of blood flushes out toxins from internal organs and muscles, reduces blood pressure and promotes overall function of the body. Lowers Blood Pressure High blood pressure often poses as a risk that may lead to strokes, heart attacks and kidney failures. A potent way to combat hypertension is a professional massage therapy. Studies reveal that it can reduce hypertension by stimulating pressure receptors that trigger action from vagus nerve. This nerve emerging from the brain regulates blood pressure along with other functions. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels This holistic approach also benefits diabetic. The extreme stress-releasing benefit of this therapeutic treatment leads to effective control of the counter-regulatory stress hormones. The treatment also permits the body to utilize the benefits of insulin more effectively. Stress Management The rubbing and kneading of muscles along with smooth and long strokes benefit our health immensely. It lowers the heart rate, reduces blood pressure, relaxes muscles and also increases endorphins. Several studies revealed that the level of stress hormone called cortisol, which is produced in our body owing to anxiety and tension is dramatically reduced after a massage session. Mind and Body Relaxation Massage also leads to relaxation of mind and body. It helps an individual to get into rest and recovery mode and also plays a role in mood improvement. It is one of the easiest ways to activate the parasympathetic nervous system of the body that regulates the ability to feel good. The treatment relaxes overworked and tense muscles and releases discomfort. Boosts Immunity Poor immunity makes a person more susceptible to disease or infection. An effective way to boost immunity is through massage. This therapeutic treatment wonderfully increases the natural ability of body; hence you can prevent illness. When flow of lymph improves through massage, this bodily fluid fights disease and infection. Rehabilitates Injuries Massage when applied along with physical therapy heals or recovers injuries fast. It lessens the time of recovery by boosting flow of blood in the body, muscle relaxation and improvement in flexibility. Getting a massage from an experienced massage therapist can offer you a world of good. It is truly a worthy investment in your self-care program. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: