Spanish -msn Trident co Barcelona 3-0 Sohu Leganes Jiangong half sports lata-01

Spanish -MSN Trident co Barcelona 3-0 Sohu – Leganes Jiangong half sports in Beijing time on September 17th at 19 p.m., 1617 La Liga season ushered in the fourth round of focus of a battle. In Butake stadium, the defending champion Barcelona game against newly promoted Mallet Gane J. The first half of Barcelona 3 to 0 lead, MSN Trident scored a goal each. In the history of La Liga, the two teams have never met record. Barcelona will be adjusted from 433 to 343 and the formation of rotation in three, Mascherano, Iniesta and rafinha into the starting lineup. Busquets, Arrakis, and Ma D than Xipu due to technical reasons unsuccessful list. Seventh minutes Rakitic midfield ball turnovers, Marquis closed top right foot shot by Peake shovel, Maeder Gianni foot ball long-range kick. 12 minutes Gabriel right pick, Maeder Gianni penalty shot hit the left header into the top of the net net. After 1 minutes, Lewis midfielder Suarez pass, Neymar restricted area on the left side of the cross, Messi left foot shot hit the back road closed area. Messi left 14 minutes back outside the instep pass, Lewis – Suarez on the right to force a breakthrough bustinza after the cross, the unmarked Messi road closed area left foot tuishe. 1 to 0, Barcelona away! 16 minutes Peake tripped over Kone, Lopez left the restricted area before the une foot kick is the wall bottom line. 19 minutes on the right horizontalknock right rafinha, Lewis – Suarez restricted the pick, Neymar left the restricted area before the small right foot volley over the crossbar after woshe bomb. 23 minutes Rakitic midfielder Marquis hit was booked, 45 degrees Victor Dias right after 3 minutes, Gabriel header shot Puzhu teershite. 26 minutes Maeder Gianni midfielder rafinha booked down. 30 minutes Messi steals even after over two restricted area on the left side of the middle cross, Lewis – Suarez small box foot ball directly stop the net. 2 more than 0 Barcelona, expand the advantages of Messi to sue God in return! On the right side of the 31 minute Kone box collision teershite is not blowing foul, Kone was right hook shot slightly deflection. 33 minutes after Marquis left suddenly Mascherano restricted area on the left foot pole low shot, teershite with chest the ball out, Marquis and his right foot shot was blocked by Umm Titi in front of the goal line. 38 minutes Victor pulled Dias midfielder Iniesta was booked for 43 minutes, Messi Road direct, Lewis – Suarez road closed single shot cross, Neymar left the restricted area before the small foot ball into an empty net. 3 to 0, MSN collective accomplishment! Eli Gane J (5-3-2) Celant J:13- 17- Victor – Dias, Pablo – Insua 18-, 3- bustinza, Dmitry 12-, Jani 15- Diego – 19- – Lopez, Rick Unai 22- Lewis – Sastre 8-, Gabriel 14-, Kone 7- Marquis of Barcelona (3-4-3):1- teershite 14- Mascherano, 3- Peake and 23- Umm Titi 12- rafinha Er,相关的主题文章: