Spielberg classic a giant reconstruction is expected to domestic release popkart

Spielberg classic "a giant" is expected to re released in domestic Tencent international entertainment news director Steven · Spielberg’s fantasy adventure blockbuster "The BFG" has been released in North America in July, gains good reputation. It is reported that the film is "a translation of Chinese giant", will this year is expected to be released in china. Film adaptation of Roald Dahl · global best-selling novel "giant" is really good, the mother of Melissa E.T. · Matheson left the world of the. Since the film released in North America, with its delicate picture, sweet dream story touched countless viewers, and Chinese viewers will also be expected to feel the little girl walked into the cinema, between the giants and a wonderful friendship. A "giant" is expected to domestic release by Steven · directed by Spielberg, Melissa · Ma Xisen writer, Mark ·, Ruby · Li Langsi; Baron Hill starred in the fantasy adventure film "The BFG" in this year’s Cannes Film Festival debut, won numerous media and critics’ attention. This summer after the release from North America, rotten tomatoes praise degree of [72%], many professional rating website that the film is quite standard. The dreamy and warm story so many audience. The day before, the film side announced the film version of the "dream Chinese giant", released plans for the year. Chinese audience is expected to experience a wonderful journey in the cinema. Spielberg surgeon Melissa · Matheson left the world of the movie "a giant" according to Roald · Dahl’s novel tells the story of life, met a love dream collection "BFG" in the Sophie orphanage, in order to prevent other giant man eating and make a journey of adventure. The film uses a large number of motion capture technology, combined with the reality of shooting techniques, so that the whole film is easy, fun. A "giant" by the famous director Steven · directed by Spielberg, as a renowned director, he has directed many classic, two times more to get the Oscar for best director. Many years later, Spielberg once again return to innocence, the little girl with the giant fantasy story on the big screen, to the audience into a fantasy and magic world. The film adapted from the internationally renowned master storyteller Roald · Dahl’s novel, the screenwriter is created a classic fantasy for Melissa · Matheson, a "giant" is working again after a lapse of 34 years after she and Spielberg, Melissa has left the world in October last year, this work has also become the talented writers left the world for.相关的主题文章: