Super star Gakuen magic world meat on-line interpretation constellation (video)

"Super star Gakuen" magic world "sign on-line meat deduction super stars Gakuen" opera guide line + burning less deduction "constellation force" Tencent in the world entertainment news (text / Jiang Xiaokui / A Yang / Xue Jianyu camera photography) the morning of September 29th, the "super star", the correct viewing guide and launch ceremony was held in Beijing, including Xiao Zhan, Wang Yuwen, Wu Jiacheng, Peng Chuyue, Bai Shu, Xu Xiaolu, Gu Jiacheng, Guo Zifan, Hong Chen, Zhao Lei and Chen Zexi, the creative staff of all the scene, X nine juvenile group of two other members Xia Zhiguang, Xu Jia Yan also appeared in "the history of the most distressed villain" image of the first black people surprise. The acting time works to cheer for their brother. The conference site, creative staff who also shared the first two fans to set highlights, fans have said, seen after more looking forward on the plot fragment. The organizers said, holding the name for the "correct opera guide" of the conference, the main purpose is to help the audience right to open the way to more quickly find the high density satin power series, elegant and scientific appreciation less guards regiment combustion value and to Yan endless brain hole. After the "forward-looking" super capacity links introduced to fuel law set less the role of super power, the next section "superstar meat group" is a direct for everyone "spoilers", "super star Frank told everyone Gakuen" is a "full routine + static static drop Tucao network the so-called" film series; ten minutes, give me a wall, "boom" more can not describe the scene "is also waiting for the audience to unlock. Let the scene fans never thought is, Shaw war handwritten hand-painted illustrations as a mysterious surprise appeared in the interpretation of PPT, which can obviously rely on the face but so talented young once again let the scene screaming fans. "Super star", tells the story of a constellation of ability as the highest standard overhead parallel world story. From the history of people crowding zhier by "super star, a strange combination of circumstances to recruit school, and gradually awakening their abilities; not to think, Cheng Zhi son with the world sign heir Fang Tianze, the identity of the mysterious million tswan launched a wonderful relationship. At the same time, in addition, Guo Zifan partner hung Chen, staged a drama off the main line outside the dog love affair. The conference final, the 13 starring artists also to send you blessing, produced by fellow uncle provide sign puppets, each with exclusive to this sign exclusive blessing, and the idols personally gave autographs on the same day to the fans. As for the mysterious "thirteenth constellation Ophiuchus" is what position, please pay attention to September 29th, every Tuesday, the four update, the Tencent video exclusive broadcast of "super star", a member of VIP, first look for a week. I believe this high, Yan Zhichao jokes super foot network drama, can they laughed and let the audience lick the screen, brush brush to stop play.相关的主题文章: